Resident Evil Re:Verse – How to Play Ada Wong

A guide that touches on counters, combos, and builds as Ada Wong.

Guide to Play Ada Wong

All credit goes to yt/Blight's Wife!

Starting Stuffs

Ada Wong is a simple character, as are all the other characters in RE:Verse. Her personal weapons are the Broom Hc, which is a handgun (or sidearm), and her Crossbow. Her Crossbow has a quiver of 24 arrows and 1 arrow loaded, making for 25 total. Her Broom Hc holds 9 bullets per clip.

Ada’s survivability is low, the second lowest in the game. Her Weapon power is mid-high, and her skill power is mid. For what she does, she’s possibly one of the most balanced characters in the game currently.

Ada’s transformed power and transformed survivability are both mid, as seen here:

Ada’s first ability is her Pipe Bomb Arrow: “Leap directly upwards and shoot a single arrow with a pipe bomb attached to it in the direction of your reticle. The arrow explodes on impact and deals significant damage to enemies near the impact point.”

Ada’s second ability is a Somersault Kick: “Do a backwards kick that deals damage to enemies a very short distance away from you. If this attack hits a human, they will be knocked down.”

Ada, like the other characters, also has a passive ability: A Spy’s Wisdom. “Automatically recover a small amount of stamina and briefly gain the ability to dodge regardless of any other conditions when HP reached critical levels.”

Seen here:

Last but not least! Please read and understand this.

Not a lot of people realize this, but you do more damage per every vial you pick up with a maximum of two.

0 Vials:

  • Crossbow: 360 bodyshot, 540 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Broom Hc: 150 bodyshot, 225 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Pipe Bomb Arrow: 300 direct hit.
  • Somersault Kick: 450

1 Vial:

  • Crossbow: 414 bodyshot, 594 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Broom Hc: 173 bodyshot, 248 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Pipe Bomb Arrow: 300 direct hit.
  • Somersault Kick: 450

2 Vials:

  • Crossbow: 468 bodyshot, 648 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Broom Hc: 195 bodyshot, 270 headshot. (not accounting for spam shooting or critcal shots)
  • Pipe Bomb Arrow: 300 direct hit.
  • Somersault Kick: 450

Basic Combos (For Humans)

Vials only effect the crossbow and Broom, it would be ineffective to state each combo multiple times because of the effects, please use your own discretion and brain going forward. Everything below is without vials on hand.

Crossbow/Ability Combos:

At the start of the match Ada automatically has her Crossbow equipped. Our first combo is simple: Two crossbow shots kill another player (unless that player has a Coin that would prevent that in some way). Shoot, shoot.

If you want to spice things up a little, you can use your crossbow on an enemy and then activate the Pipe Bomb Arrow to finish them off. The Pipe Bomb arrow can also explode around tight corners, so don’t be afraid to guess where your opponent is. Shoot, Q.

One Crossbow shot to the chest, roll towards your opponent, and a Somersault Kick will kill them as well. Shoot, W+Space, E.

If you use your Somersault Kick on someone who was trying to sneak up on you, you can quickly use the time that they’re down to shoot them anywhere with your Crossbow. E, shoot.

Broom Hc Combos:

Five body shots with the Broom Hc is a kill on basic humans, passives like Leon’s Rookie Spirit or abilities like Chris’ Indomitable Spirit will take more shots. For the sake of the guide, lets stick with the number five for this. Shoot x5.

Three body shots with the Broom Hc and then a Pipe Bomb Arrow should do the trick. Shoot x3, Q.

If someone is too close, a simple Somersault Kick and one bullet should finish them off. E, shoot.

Ability Combos:

Using a direct hit with the bomb is useful for a knockback, you can combo a Pipe Bomb Arrow with a Somersault Kick to finish off a human quickly. Q, E.

However, it’s easier if you were to Somersault Kick them first, as the knockback is a lot more effective. E, Q.

All of these combos can be done backwards, just modified slightly. Q and E are both effective knockbacks if landed properly.

Countering Fat Mold Creatures

There are several ways you can counter the Fat Mold Creatures but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’ll just go over the easiest one(s).

As Ada Wong, you really don’t want to have your sidearm out unless you’re doing a quest for the battlepass. It takes a long time to switch between the crossbow and the Broom Hc unless you’re dodge rolling to animation cut, and that can be wasteful and get you killed more often than not.

When you kill a human and plan on killing the Fat Mold as well, your first step is to make distance as the Mold will want to sprint at you as quickly as possible. By no means do you Somersault the Mold last.

Shoot, shoot, Q, E, S + Space, S + Space, Shoot.

That should be two Crossbow arrows, a pipe bomb arrow, a somersault while it’s knocked back, and escape while it’s still stumbling around, and then another crossbow arrow.

You can change this combo around but I recommend not letting it near you. Always keep your distance against Fat Molded Creatures. The reason why I recommend using your Somersault is because I’m assuming that it’s running at you and trying to attack. Try not to let it detonate near you. The combo, from a distance, can also mainly consist of Crossbow bolts and your Q ability. Please do not randomly Somersault as it can keep you away from flanking Hunk’s or a one-tap shotgun build Leon.

All data shown is approximate, please note that critical shots can be hard to track! It also does not take into account how long the Fat Molded has been rotting away.

With 0 Vials:

  • It takes 5 crossbow bodyshots to kill a Fat Molded, it takes 3 crossbow headshots.
  • It takes 13 bodyshots with the Broom Hc to kill a Fat Molded bodyshots, it takes 6 or 7 headshots.

With 1 Vial:

  • It takes 4 crossbow bodyshots to kill a Fat Molded, it takes 2 headshots.
  • It takes 11 Broom Hc bodyshots to kill a Fat Molded, it takes 6 headshots.

With 2 Vials:

  • It takes 3 crossbow bodyshots to kill a Fat Molded, 2 headshots.
  • It takes 9 Broom Hc bodyshots to kill a Fat Molded, 5 headshots.

Countering Hunter Gamma Creatures

There are several ways you can counter the Hunter Gamma Creatures but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’ll just go over the easiest one(s).

The first easiest way to kill a Hunter Gamma is also by keeping mid-range distance at close range. Confusing, but I’m sure you’ll understand soon. Stay right outside of its tail-whip range and you should be fine. Start with the Pipe Bomb Arrow and it’ll probably be close, use a dodge roll or two to avoid it’s attacks and follow up with a minimum of two arrows before another dodge roll. Go for another arrow before using your Somersault kick to knock it back and then another two arrows to finish it off.

Q, space, space, shoot, space, shoot, E.

If needed, use more arrows to kill it, but be sure to time your attacks and rolls to give you time to reload. Panic doesn’t help anything.

I will not be splitting the amount of vials it takes to kill the Hunter Gamma’s because nobody wants to sit in a lobby for 20 years trying to get it and then count everything out to kill it under perfect conditions repeatedly. Including me.

It takes 5 Crossbow shots to kill a Hunter Gamma.

It takes 14 Broom Hc shots to kill a Hunter Gamma.

If you want to figure out how the vials would effect these numbers, be my guest.

Countering Jack Baker

There are several ways you can counter the Jack Baker but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’ll just go over the easiest one(s).

Jack Baker is a lot trickier to fight, sometimes the best choice against this creature is to run towards where large battles are happening and try to get away to do damage from a distance instead. But if you’re caught on a 1v1 with him, the first thing you want to do is make distance.

If you’re able to, run around the staircase in RPD or the outside long-fence in Baker House to avoid his attacks. Similar to Dead by Daylight, hug those walls as close as possible while collecting the herbs and ammo that may spawn on the table at the top of RPD or the debris around the fence on Baker House.

While running, be sure to use your dodge rolls generously, Jack Baker is fast and you don’t want him grabbing you. This combo should kill him, take your time within the combo to use your dodge rolls and try to space them evenly.

Q, E, space, space, shoot, space, run, Q, shoot.

It will take a lot of time to 1v1 a Jack Baker, it will not be fun and it will be scary. Just try to keep calm and use as many dodge rolls as possible. Also be sure to time your stuns so he stays down for as long as possible.

It takes 6-8 Crossbow shots to kill Jack Baker.

It takes 19 Broom Hc shots to Kill Jack Baker.

Countering The Nemesis

There are several ways you can counter the Nemesis but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’ll just go over the easiest one(s).

This is another one I recommend running from. Don’t try to 1v1 the Nemesis unless you have moderate distance between you two. He isn’t very fast and can’t catch up to you as quickly as Mr. X can. Bringing him to a group battle or another player is never a bad idea, and he can’t be looped as easily as Jack Baker can.

Seriously, it takes a lot of hits to kill this guy. Headshots are impossible to hit in the heat of the moment. Here’s what I’ve found works for me:

Shoot, space, shoot, shoot, shoot,space, Q, space, space, shoot, space, E.

Shooting from a distance is your best plan of action but if you get caught in a 1v1, your best choice is to fall back as far away as you can. Save your dodge rolls for when he slams into the ground. If you have the correct timing, you should also have one dodge roll saved for the RPG coming at you at -1 MPH. The same thing usually works for most other hard-to-kills.

My personal favorite way taking out the Nemesis is when someone transforms into him in the middle of a huge battle and I just unload my bolts into their backs while they’re fighting each other. It’s definitely the recommended way to fight and kill Nemesis. I wouldn’t recommend trying to 1v1 a Nemesis. All around horrible idea.

Another really good way to kill him is to get him low and then die and continue chasing him down in the hopes no one steals the kill. Fat Molded can be very strong against Nemesis and gain you 40 points at the cost of 5.

Countering Mr. X (Super Tyrant)

There are several ways you can counter Mr. X (Super Tyrant) but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’ll just go over the easiest one(s).

Similarly to Nemesis and Jack Baker, I don’t recommend fighting this guy in a 1v1 battle. Maybe if you were playing Chris, you would survive, but you’re not. You’re Ada. You’re here for Ada. Run. Away.

Just run! Not too hard. Again, bring this guy to a group of people fighting or into the open where he can get targeted! It’s hard to do that, be sure to time your dodges as well as possible to stay out of range. If you can’t run, remember that your knockbacks are some of the strongest in the game. Chris is the only one with a stronger knockback (knockbacks and stuns are not the same in my book).

Shoot from a distance. If not, get at least two arrows in before falling back. If he charges at you, dodge roll through him. You’ll take damage but you’ll be behind him and he’ll have to take the time to turn. From there you can use your Q ability to knock him back or continue to dodge away to get some extra crossbow shots in. Be careful to save a dodge for his charge or jump attacks, and if he gets to close and you know he’s low energy, use your Somersault, just to be safe.

Super Tyrant struggles against burst damage, especially from the front. His critical hitbox is very large, hitting him in the exposed heart will take him out quickly. Aim for his right chest area and you should be alright.

Most Effective Builds/Coins

To start off, I want to quickly put out that this isn’t a guide for monster creatures. This is a guide for Ada. However. I would like to note that this is objectively the best monster build and you can’t change my mind. The Standard Attack Damage Booster, the Creature Damage Dampener, and the Creature Q Skill Booster are objectively the best when put together. I don’t think that’s something you can change my mind on!

Onto the Ada stuff.

My personal favorite coin build for Ada surrounds her Crossbow and everything to do with it. Obviously, this has quickly become the classic Ada build for a lot of people. Crossbow Damage Booster, Crossbow Reload Booster, Pipe Bomb Arrow Damage Booster, and the Crossbow Intensity Focuser, make up a deadly build for a deadly gal.

Obviously, you don’t have to base your coin builds around what everyone else does. Spice it up!

My second favorite coin build surrounds her abilities, making her powers much more useful during the heat of battle. Somersault Kick Damage Booster, Somersault Kick Range Extender, Pipe Bomb Arrow Damage Booster, and A Spy’s Wisdom Potency Booster. The last coin make up for her lack of dodge in early battle, but help her survive should she be getting beat down on badly. I personally recommend this build for new players, or players who want to utilize their abilities more.

Lastly, this build surrounds her crossbow and only her crossbow.

I don’t personally use this build, I’d rather go empty handed because it’s so good it can be unfun for a lot of people and end up making the game boring and unimaginative. The Headshot Damage Booster, Crossbow Damage Booster, Crossbow Reload Booster, and the Crossbow Critical Booster. This is really lame honestly :/ If you want to be a total jerk then go for it. It’s alright to have a few bad matches and whip this one out but know I’m looking down on you in disappointment.

See Ya!

That concludes my guide! Thank you all so much for reading and I seriously hope this helps as I worked really hard for the information I got here.

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