Revita – Ultimate Fishing Guide

Everything you need to know about fish in Revita.

Definitive Guide to Fishing

All credit goes to Doodleblah!

Basic Information

Once you have freed the fisherman in the tower, you will be able to fish in the lake to the left of the station. It requires bait, which can be found during your runs.

After collecting 20 fish you will unlock the “Bait Shop” blueprint which can be crafted with 8 materials. This will allow you to purchase bait at 5 coins each.


Fish come in 5 different sizes:

  • Tiny (Size 1).
  • Small (Size 2).
  • Medium (Size 3).
  • Large (Size 4).
  • Massive (Size 5).

There aren’t a consistent number of fish per category.


There are 3 different rarities of fish:

  • Common (worth 3 coins).
  • Rare (worth 15 coins).
  • Legendary (worth 30 coins).

Note: Sometimes a common fish has given me 8 coins. I’m pretty sure this increase in value is caused by the weight of the fish being above a certain threshold.

Regardless, the values above will be accurate for the most part.


You can also randomly find treasure chests that contain 10-20 soul coins and a new type of lure. There are 24 lures to collect. One of these is not found in a treasure chest! I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to get it…

Why Fish?

Firstly, there are a handful of achievements linked to fishing:

  • Fish Ahoy! – catch 20 different types of fish.
  • Fish Fear Me – catch 40 different types of fish.
  • Marine Expert – catch every type of fish.
  • Lured in – collect every fishing lure.

Additionally, it is a very good way of farming soul coins. You can easily profit from fishing, especially if you have a good lure.

Size 1


  • Sea Light Butterfly
  • Little Pinky
  • Shrub Shrimp
  • Conch Crawler
  • Cute Clam
  • Chill Bit


  • Lantern Fish
  • Neon Funkler
  • Rad Fish


  • Wish Fish

Size 2


  • Honey Jellyfish
  • Smol Crawler
  • Kelp
  • Sparrowfish
  • Bulky Orange
  • Peering Peeper
  • Urgent Leaf Urchin
  • Flapping Pecker


  • Sorbetini


  • Solid Goldfish

Size 3


  • Fishstick
  • Long Tailed Ratfish
  • Fancy Snail
  • Doughfish
  • Vanilla Blob
  • Cuddle Fish
  • Goopler
  • Snorkler
  • Spikler


  • Frilly Fin
  • Betta Bone
  • Crepe Carp
  • Soul Fish

Size 4


  • 5-String Sea Bass
  • Flattooth
  • Old Sniffy
  • Monoray
  • Catfish
  • Septipus
  • Sparkly Eel


  • Tundra Tetra
  • Grass Crab
  • Flabber Flub


  • Breadfish

Size 5


  • Lemon Fish


  • Dragonhead
  • Sneaker Crab
  • Soul Lantern


  • Torch Eel
  • Mini Stale Whale


There are 24 lures in the game, each with a different spread of stats.


There are 8 stats available.

  • Resistance – more effectively reel in while fish is fighting.
  • Durability – makes the reel in bar move more slowly.
  • Strength – increases speed at which fish are reeled in.
  • Floating – decreases speed that lure sinks in water.
  • Sinking – increases speed that lure sinks in water.
  • Allure – increases range at which fish follow lure.
  • Size – increases chance to find heavier fish.
  • Rarity – increases chance to find rarer fish.

Which lure should I use?

The main stats you should pay attention to are RaritySize and Allure, in that order.

Rarity is definitely the most important as it gives you a higher chance of finding rarer fish, which will give you more money. Size helps you catch heavier fish, which might be desirable if you are going for new records. Allure simply makes the process of hooking a fish easier.

The rest of the stats are fine to experiment with if you are struggling with the minigame aspect of fishing, but once you are comfortable enough to fish without them I recommend prioritising rarity.

I won’t list all of the lures. For the most part you’ll want to be using the Pyramid Lure once you get it, as it has +2 rarity.


Generally speaking, you should be going for the largest fish whenever they appear, as the size 5 fish have the highest proportion of rares and legendaries. The rest of the time though, just go for whatever shows up. You’ll be rich before you know it!

Fishing is quite fun in this game and can be a nice break from the chaos of runs. I hope you have fun fishing!

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