Revita – Important Starter Tips

I see that there are many negative reviews of Revita. Most of them are people complaining that the game is too hard, or too hard. So to help those people I decided to make this guide.

Tips to Get Start

The First Runs

In the first runs of Revita, you want to get to the second area and unlock the Blueprint NPC, who will let you unlock the Chain Meter.

The Chain Meter is probably the most important mechanic that most of the reviews with 0-2h miss, so how does it work?

The Chain Meter is simple; the bigger the chain, the more souls you get from killing enemies. Chain is like a combo mechanic, upon killing enemies it rises, upon damaging enemies it stops, and upon taking damage it falls down. The higher the chain the faster it also falls down.

The game becomes more fast-paced once you unlock it.

So, what to do if you still can’t get to it?

  1. Do not sacrifice too much of your HP, the base damage of your gun can be enough for the first boss and second area.
  2. If you have materials (also known as the flowers) get a better starting weapon.
  3. Unlock items as fast as possible, the later items are far more op and interesting than just small buffs.
  4. Remember that the dash gives i-frames.
  5. Try to find more secret rooms. During combat, if you shoot a wall and it turns white for a bit, upon the end of the fighting, you can destroy that wall by shooting it and uncover a secret room.

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