Ringlorn Saga – World Map

This is just a map of the overworld of Ringlorn Saga, that gives you an idea where to go to.

World Map

This is the world map for Ringlorn Saga, consisting like the game that inspired it of 5×5 screens. The overworld doesn’t really have edges, it wraps around them, so if you leave a screen on the right side you will enter again on the corresponding screen on the left side, or if you leave at the top you appear on the corresponding bottom screen.

  • Red Squares = Dungeons
  • Yellowish Squares = Cities and other settlements, some of them have monsters in them as well
  • Black (and the one yellow) X = usually there’s something you can do here (dig for coins, talk to someone to get an items, etc.)
  • Dark Green = Trees, you can’t step on that square
  • Gray = Mountains, you can’t step on that square
  • Blue = Water, you can’t step on that square
  • The Black Gate on the Yellow Tower in the top-left corner = you need a key to enter there
  • Purple Statues on Gray Tiles = Goddess Statues


  1. To get spells you have to first activate the quest by talking to the guy in the Cathedral at 2E, then visit all the five statues, then go back to the guy at the Cathedral at 2E, talk to him again (you get only one spell at first, you get more as you get stronger) as well as go to the guy in the Church at 2B to get some other spells (though to get to the Church at 2B you need to go around from 2C to 3C to 3B and the back to 2C).

    Cordinate are like this if you map numbers horizontally on the world map and letters vertically

    ….1 2 3 4 5

  2. Nice guide, this really helped a couple of times! Would be great to have a key for what each of the yellow squares are… I think one of them is related to getting magic after visiting each of the statues, but I went back to what I thought was all of them and could never find it again… must have missed one, but I’m not sure which one I missed =)

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