River City Saga: Three Kingdoms – Guide to Resource Locations / Ultimate Attacks

Listing where to find resources and hidden stores so you don’t have to wander all over the world looking for wood and metal for quests. Plus Ultimate Attacks as I learn them.

Resource Locations / Ultimate Attacks Guide

Resource Locations


  • Chapter 1 – 3
    • Ohnozawa
    • Handan Sewers, 2x
  • Chapter 3
    • Langya Highroad, 2x


  • Chapter 1 – 3
    • Beiping Highroad
    • Jieqiao
    • Huazhou
  • Chapter 2 – 3
    • Guangzong
  • Chapter 3
    • Guanling
    • Xiapi Highroad
  • Chapter 5
    • Xianyang Highroad, 2x
    • Xinye
    • Nan Highroad
  • Chapter 6
    • Fankou, 2x
    • Chaisang


  • Chapter 1 – 3
    • Zhuo Highroad
    • Balhae Plains
    • Henei Highroad, 2x
  • Chapter 5
    • Xianyang Highroad
    • Wan
  • Chapter 6
    • Jiangxia Highroad, 3x
    • Xishui Highroad, 3x

Hidden Shops

Chapter 1 – 3

  • Julu Highroad, in third waterfall from the left.
  • Puyang, can use bow kick to hit the switch above the sluice to drain the water and gain access.

Chapter 2 – 3

  • Shanyang Highroad, use Catapult tactics while standing to the right of the other blocks id est in the empty column.
  • Yuyang, under the bridge right side path.

Chapter 5

  • Xianyang, all the way left right before the exit break the crates then walk up against the wall.

Chapter 6

  • Qichun – In the Restaurant on the left side of the map there is an entrance hidden by the large pig hanging in the back. Contains lots of OP gear at the difficulty I was at they cost 9.2 million each.

Unsure if these count:

  • Chapter 1 and 2, Mysterious Shop guy hanging out in plain sight in Xu.
  • Chapter 3, same Mysterious Shop is up on the roofs in Xu.
  • Chapter 4, once again same guy is up on the roof in the stable area of Xu.

Ultimate Moves

Kills with skills can unlock Ultimate Attacks, when in doubt just keep killing ad nauseam. Various instructors around the country will give clues about how to unlock Ultimates, their advice will vary between specific, to matching skill descriptions, and pretty vague.

Here is all the ultimate attacks:

  • Aura Gatling = Aura Punch + Mach Punch
  • Super Shadowless Kick = Mach Kick + Dragon Jet
  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade = Secret Spear Technique? + (Mach Strike or Secret Staff Technique)?
  • Demonic Tide = Nut Shot + Piercing Shot
  • Slash Flurry = Iai Slash + Secret Staff Technique?
  • Meteorite Special = Hawk Fist + Rocket Kick
  • Dragon Tail Kick = Typhoon Kick + Whirlwind Kick
  • Blast Crash = Dragon Kick + Overhead Kick
  • Vacuum Double Chop = Double Chop + Han Style Lariat
  • Absolute Lotus = Iron Mountain + Nitro Attack
  • Celestial Spiral Fist = Human Drill + Dragon Punch?
  • Blast Shot = Explosive Shot + Drop Shot
  • Big Bang Gazer = Big Bang + Rapid Fall Punch
  • Hyper Screw = Screw + Screw Pile
  • Super Special Offense = Given in chapter 4.


Bosses and regular troops apparently can drop rare gems. Use of these gems teaches skills:

Gem – Skill (Who dropped it)

  • Violence Gem – Big Bang (Abobo, one of the easier ones to get since you fight him a number of times)
  • Mysterious Gem – Charge Punch (?)
  • Royal Gem – Gorgeous Punch (Yuan Zhao, Chapter 4 big finale melee one of the other sub-bosses dropped it as well)
  • Chaotic Gem – Yamada Style (Cao Cao and his troop Bosses)
  • Unmatched Gem – War Demon Special (Lu Bu and her troops drop it)


Hot Blooded

  • Chapter 1 – 5: Straightforward do all sidequests, tasks, and chose the reputation increasing options in dialog, as long as you’re over 200 Reputation I believe it should trigger no issue.
  • Chapter 6: Get High Reputation and choose the dialog line “I’m serious. Let me through!” to start a fight with Zhang Liao to trigger the Hot Blooded Route right before the Cao Cao fight.

Comedy Route

  • Chapter 1 – First tank your reputation to 0 or below and after defeating the Yellow Turbans attacking Dong Zhuo in Jieqiao head back to Guangzong. There you’ll run into Zhang Jiao and pick the dialog option “I’ll take one, then.” to be given a Yellow Turban valuable which grants you access to Yang Castle where you can finish off the chapter.
  • Chapter 2 – 3: Straightforward just tank reputation by rejecting quests, don’t do billboard quests, choose nonsensical dialog choices that shirk responsibilities, choose to join Yellow/White Turban recruiters and fight Dong Zhuo troops.
  • Chapter 4: Straightforward just tank reputation by not fighting Cao Cao’s men, rejecting quests, don’t do billboard quests, and choose nonsensical or dialog choices that shirk responsibilities.
  • Chapter 5: Straightforward but fairly tight on points, one or two positive reputation gains and you could easily fall short of getting this ending.
  • Chapter 6: Easiest one yet after heading to Chaisang and talking to Sun Quan and Zhou Yu head straight to Lukou and select “All Ready!” and “Shaddup! All I need is my fists!” to skip the Battle of Red Cliffs and begin the final boss fights.

Romance Route:
In case you wanted to clear the Romance Route in higher difficulties. Just keep reputation between 0 – 200, granted you can also still get the romance option in certain situations such as: by choosing to fight or avoiding the sidequest that triggers Comedy Route in Chapter 1 or not fighting Zhang Liao in Chapter 6.

Mountains/Ye Castle/Nanpi Castle

Mount Taishan – Earthquake Tactics + Bow Kick

Need Earthquake Tactics to drop the scaffolds down into ramps, couldn’t find and easy way to jump onto the scaffolds because of sign so had to Bow Kick up as well. Reward for this effort? Magnetism Tactics first time? A He’s Jade you can sell for 5,000 on subsequent chapters.

Mount Song – Freeze Tactics (but you can cheese it if your quick and use Bow Kick at the last moment)

Timestop at the last set of stones and you can easily reach the top but there is only a Star Knuckle up there which is a weapon that can cause a status that makes enemies drop money over time.

Ye Castle – Chapter 2 + Water Tactics

In chapter 2: flood Ye Castle’s trench with Water Tactics, jump up onto the ramparts. and head right into the castle. Navigate the obstacle course to nab the Achievement and an item needed to complete a sidequest. Ye Castle is also open in further chapters in case you missed it.

Nanpi Castle – Chapter 2 Sidequest

Suppose I should put this here as well since there is an achievement, in Chapter 2 you can accept the sidequest Nanpi Castle Inspection from the Notice Board in Pingyuan. Is open in Chapter 3 as well if you missed it.

Unique Gear

Every difficulty besides moderate has the chance to drop items with skill modifiers. Furthermore enemies can drop unique loot, Treasure Finder greatly increases drop rate and the skill modifier Discerning Eye increases it further (only seen this on helmets so far). Higher difficulties drop improved versions of these items. In Hard Liner uniques are yellow, in Extra Hard and Hot Blooded the uniques are purple (with some exceptions *). In Hot Blooded regular items are yellow so don’t get too excited then.

Item Quality: {Hot Blooded} [Extra Hard] Hard Liner (Set skill)
*N/A for when I got the same item as the difficulty before it.


  • {Hail Yellow Turbans Turban} [Happy Yellow Turban] Yellow Turban (Mind Games)- Yellow Turban Members.
  • {Chanyu’s Mask} [King’s Mask] Cherished Disguise (Discerning Eye) – Bandits wearing hockey masks and yellow hoods.
  • {Atrocious Sunglasses} [Demigod’s Sunglasses] ? (War Logs: Weapon)- Dong Zhuo’s troops. Best places in Chapter 2 Boma, Guandu, and Xingyang. Other places include Chen Liu Highroad, Hulao pass and Heinei Highroad.
  • {?} [Bragger’s Helm] ? (War Logs: None) – Yuan Shao Bosses? Got from Yan Liang and Wen Chou from Handan Sidequest involving the two soldiers in Pingyuan Woods during Chapter 2.
  • {?} [Charismatic Headtie] ? (Iron Wall)- Hermit disguised as Liu Bei Chapter 4.
  • {Tiger Leopard Helm} [Tiger Cub Bandana] ? (War Logs: Kicks)- Cao Cao’s Troops.
  • {?} [Hat of Cunning] ? (All or Nothing)- Cao Cao’s Bosses.
  • {?} [Cold Blooded Helm] ? (set skill was empty bad roll?) – Cao Cao Himself.


  • {Hail Yellow Turbans Armor} [?] ? (Soul of Wisdom) – Yellow Turban Members.
  • {Pure Hearted Armor} [N/A?] Support Gear (Soul of Kicks) – Allied Troops. (guys in green armor, use Treasure Finder. Chapter 3 Xiaopei sparring, end of chapter 4 comedy route)
  • {Elite Armor} [Soldier’s Breastplate] Prodigy’s Armor (Arms Expert) – Cao Cao’s Troops.
  • {8 Generals Uniform} [8 Generals Tight Shirt] ? (War Logs: Throw) – Lu Bu’s Troops/bosses? (got in chapter 4 fight with Lu Bu and company).
  • {?} [Dark Warrior’s Cast] ? (Resiliency) – Zhang Wu (Abobo), got in chapter 5 sidequest fighting Abobo in Hanyang.
  • {?} [Aura Uniform] ? (Soul of Energy) – Sun Quan Troops, got this from sparring session triggered by Lu Su’s sidequest in Qichun Chapter 6.


  • {Black Mountain Gauntlets} [Bandit Gloves] Mountain Bandit Gloves (Soul of Luck) – Bandits.
  • {Gloves of Ultimate Evil} [Ruffian Gloves] Punk Gloves (Soul of Punches) – Dong Zhuo’s troops. Best places in Chapter 2 Boma, Guandu, and Xingyang. Other places include Chen Liu Highroad, Hulao pass and Heinei Highroad.
  • {Sadist’s Armguard} [Deceitful Gauntlets] Mean Gauntlets (Soul of Weapons) – Yuan Shao Troops, lots of them in Julu Highroad in chapter 3. Lots of them in Chapter 4, Jieqiao and Boma for example.
  • {Tiger General’s Gauntlets} [Tiger Cub Armguard] ? (War Logs: Punch) – Cao Cao’s Troops.
  • {Ultiger Claw} [N/A] Wild Claw (Lion’s Fury) – Tigers.


  • {Wuwan Shoes} [Rage Sandals] ? (Gold Digger) – Bandits.
  • {White Dragon Boots} [?] ? (Crazy Guts) – Allied Troops.
  • {Elite Leggings} [Soldier Boots] Prodigy’s Greaves (Judo Student) – Cao Cao’s Troops.
  • {Spearhead Shoes} [Speed Express Boots] ? (Fleet-footed) – Cao Cao’s Bosses.


  • {Muscleman Dumbbell} [Bro Dumbbell] ? (Soul of Life) – Lu Bu’s troops.
  • {?} [Brave and Wise Spirit] ? (Like a Butterfly) – No clue, got it in chapter 5 during the sidequest where a hermit in Wolong Gang challenges you to fight a bunch of illusionary opponents of all factions.
  • {?} [N/A] Zombie Seal (Cursed Seal) – Zombies in the Ancient Ruin (Changban’s well) during Chapter 5’s Romance route endgame.
  • {Mystical Transformation Cane} [?] ? (Divine Inspiration)- Zuo Ci, Chapter 5 Comedy Route Boss.
  • {?} [N/A] Bear Charm (Hit or Miss) – Bears, good place to farm them is Chapter 6 War Ship H Interior Top Floor.
  • {Twin Shogun Belt} [?] ? (Fair and Square) – Cao Cao Bosses.
  • {?} [?] Merchant’s Pendant (War Logs: Wisdom) – He Man (maybe other yellow turban bosses?)

Chapter 6 Hidden Shop

  • Helmet: War God’s Turban
  • Torso: Hot Blooded War Coat
  • Hands: Righteous Gauntlet
  • Feet: Strongest Shoes
  • Accessory 1: Super Long Beard Extensions
  • Accessory 2: Tale of Chunqiu

Equipment Modifiers

All effects increase the higher the effect level and max at level 9.


  • Discerning Eye – Increase rare item drop rate (helmets only to my knowledge) .
  • Gold Digger – Low chance of doubling money dropped by enemies.


  • All or Nothing – Damage dealt by criticals increases by effect level times 25%; however, the damage of normal hits is halved.
  • Playing Safe – Damage dealt increases the closer you are to max health (Effect level times 10% at max health).
  • On Edge – Damage dealt increases the closer you are to 0 health (Effect level times 15% at lowest health).
  • Great General – Critical rate for special and ultimate attacks increases by effect level times 4%.
  • Tactician – Damage dealt by Tactics increases by effect level times 20%.
  • Combo Master – Reduces likelihood of knocking enemies down, increasing combo potential.
  • Fair and Square – Damage dealt to enemies of similar strength to you increases by effect level times 10%.
  • Divine Inspiration – Increases Tactics Gauge recovery amount by effect level times 5%.
  • One Hit Kill –
  • Expert –
  • Super Wake Up –
  • Hot-Blooded War God – During Hot Blooded War Dance, increases the number of hits in addition to damage scaling by the effect level cannot be used with “Cold Blooded Hero” effect. [all items from the hidden shop in chapter 6 have this in addition to pretty good stats]
  • Cold Blooded Hero – ?
  • Lions Fury – when combo count is over 44 hits increase damage dealt by effect level times 10%.
  • War Logs: None – Increases damage dealt by normal moves.
  • War Logs: Punches – Increases damage dealt by punch attacks.
  • War Logs: Kicks – Increase the damage dealt by kick attacks.
  • War Logs: Wisdom – Increases damage dealt with intelligence (i.e. via tactics, headbutt, etc).
  • War Logs: Throw – Increases damage dealt by throw attacks.
  • War Logs: Weapon – Increases damage dealt by weapon attacks.
  • War Records: Endurance – Increase the damage of attacks based on Endurance such as body bash.


  • Tough it out – Reduces the maximum damage taken from a single attack.
  • Hit or Miss – Rarely reduces damage taken to 0.
  • Crazy Guts – Withstands lethal damage when your health is above a certain level; the higher the effect level the higher the health level.
  • Fortitude – Slightly increases invincibility window after knockdown.
  • Iron Wall – Increases resistance to guard breaks.
  • Body of Steel – All damage taken from attacks is reduced by effect level times 3%.
  • Mind Games – Reduces damage taken from intelligence by effect level times 10%.
  • Resiliency – (Reduces) damage dealt by attacks based on Endurance such as body bash increases by effect level times 10%.
  • Arms Expert – Reduces damage taken from weapons by effect level times 10%
  • Judo Student – Reduces damage taken from throws by effect level times 10%.
  • Like a Butterfly – Reduces damage taken from punches by effect level times 10%.


  • Soul of Generals – All stats except Health and SP increase by effect level times 5%.
  • Soul of Energy – Maximum SP increases by effect level times 25.
  • Soul of Protection – Endurance stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Life – Health stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Luck – Luck stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Punches – Punch stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Kicks – Kick stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Wisdom – Intelligence stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Throws – Throw stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Soul of Weapons – Weapon stat increases by effect level times 15%.
  • Cursed Seal – Increases all stats by Total Effect Level x This Effect Level x 3% but all other effects no longer apply.
  • Fleet Footed – Increases dash speed.
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