PUSS! – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Regular Achievements

Flawless victory

  • Description: Get to the boss level with no deaths
  • Explanation: Complete the first 9 levels of any world without losing a life. Losing a shield does not count.

Speed run

  • Description: Beat an episode in 5 minutes
  • Explanation: “An episode” includes the boss.

Pure skill

  • Description: Get Speed and Flawless Run in every level of episode
  • Explanation: Must not touch any walls or lose any lives.

Through the gates

  • Description: Get to the hall of seals

Wow! That’s a lot

  • Description: Score million points in total
  • Explanation: “In total” means across all runs of your playthough


  • Description: Collect 100 heart items
  • Explanation: Heart is a pickup unlocked after completing the Princess’ episode.

Take your time

  • Description: Collect 30 timer items
  • Explanation: Also an unlock, do not remember whose, honestly, write it in the comments if you can.


  • Description: Beat 5 levels in a row without losing shield
  • Explanation: I do not remember a single unlock, help.


  • Description: Beat a level with no touching walls
  • Explanation: Touching walls is not the same as dying to walls. If you get close to a wall and the game starts to glitch that means this achievement is already failed.


  • Description: Beat a level in a second
  • Explanation: The timer starts as soon as you spawn in a level, so you will need to both be lucky and have good reaction. It is recommended to increase mouse sensitivity to maximum and fish for the level called “We are gonna show you”.

This is how it looks:


  • Description: Collect 30 lives
  • Explanation: Not to be confused with “LOVELY”. 30 lives must be collected within one run by any means. The progress is kept when you complete an episode and go to a different world.

Secret Achievements

This is just a tutorial

  • Explanation: You get it for dying a certain number of times. You will get it at some point, do not worry.

Icarus lives!

  • Explanation: Free Icarus


  • Explanation: Meet the Princess

Hyper aqua drifter

  • Explanation: Meet Rick


  • Explanation: Meet Jesus

That’s the moment

  • Explanation: Meet the Unicorn

End of times

  • Explanation: Defeat the Baphomet

Corrupted №1

  • Explanation: Complete a corrupted level

Corrupted №2

  • Explanation: Complete 10 corrupted levels

Corrupted №3

  • Explanation: Complete 20 corrupted levels

These three achievements are a pain to grind, since there is a random chance you get corrupted on dying.

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