RoboCop: Rogue City – Choices & Consequences Guide

This guide shows how choose the Questions the Answers and their Consequences in RoboCop: Rogue City!


  • There is no option to save in the game, it makes it very difficult to reload and make certain choices multiple times!
  • This is especially true in the crimes and investigations section of the game!
  • Important to have more control over dialogue options, solving crimes without fatalities, you will want to invest in Psychology Skill!
  • This is a skill heavily used throughout the game and opens additional dialog options in nearly every single case-related encounter!

Too Many Complaints Side Quest

Dog Lover Choices!

  • You disrupt public order. (Issue a ticket) – Upheld The Law Points!
  • No. (Issue A Warning) – Public Trust Points!

Informant Choices!

  • You can hope for a reduced sentence – Public Trust Points!
  • No, you do not – Uphold the Law Points!

Concerned Mother Choices!

  • Provide me with the details – Public Trust Points!
  • Come back in 24 hours” – Uphold The Law Points!

Search For Soot Mission

Antisocial Behavior – Old man and his shopping cart!

  • It cannot be tolerated (Issue a ticket) – Public Trust Points!
  • I will let it go this time (Issue a warning) – Nothing for this choice!

Public Drinking Speaking With Drunkard!

  • I do not think so (Issue a ticket) – Uphold the Law Points!
  • I see your point (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Deliberate Act Of Vandalism!

  • You are being fined (Issue a ticket) – Uphold the Law Points!
  • This is your last warning (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Speaking With Scott!

  • No, you are under arrest – Upheld the Law Points!
  • You can retrieve the car yourself – Public Trust Points!

Speaking With Litterbug!

  • That is no excuse (Issue a ticket) – Upheld the Law Points!
  • You can go (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Cloth Eared Hooligans & Loud Music!

  • If ask them to turn the music down, they decline!
  • If threaten to break their bones, they take the music and leave!

Speaking With Maurice!

  • Psychology 2 option Maurice gives the information and he decides to cooperate!

Speaking with Ben!

  • Stolen Vehicle mission, Psychology 2 choice can investigate the shop freely!

Dr. Olivia Blanche Therapy

How do you see yourself!

  • This is me now (Comfort) – The Dr appreciates this response!
  • Is this what you wanted (Scare) – She doesn’t appreciate this!
  • I warned you (Reassure) – The Dr appreciates this response!

Steel Mill

Speaking with Samantha Ortiz!

  • I do (Give a statement) is the best answer!

Police Station Visit III

Ulysses Washington!

  • You proved yourself valuable is the best answer!

Ulysses Washington 2!

  • Be proactive, get a different gun is the best answer!


  • That is resourceful is the best answer!

OCP Bank

Samantha Ortiz!

  • You can go is the best answer!

Police Station Visit IV

Officer Witakker!

  • That did not sound like fun is the best answer!

Mayor Kuzak!

  • I will not allow OCP to take over the city is the best answer. This decision has a political impact so if you would rather not side with Kuzak, choose a different option!

Downtown Visit II

Old Man!

  • The increase my performance is the best answer!

Old Man 2!

  • Choose to side with Lewis, the Old Man appreciates and healthy return!

Reckless Smoker!

  • Reconsider your behavior is the best answer unless you want Uphold the Law Points!

Ulysses Washington!

  • Question 1 – Yes, do it is the best answer!
  • Question 2 – Go Ahead is the best answer!
  • Question 3 – Permission granted is the best answer!

Lady Of Leisure!

  • You can go is the best answer!


  • You can go is the best answer!

Samantha’s Belongings!

  • Choose to keep the box! Will side with Samantha and the people, otherwise you can give the box away and side with Becker!
  • You then must call Samantha and depending on what you chose, you will either support her or anger her!
  • If you side with Samantha, she will choose not to reveal footage the next time RoboCop has a malfunction!


  • Don’t choose the Diamonds in the rough choice!
  • Take the money is the best choice (Dr Olivia Blanche will bring up this decision during the final therapy session as a sign of Robocop’s humanity!

John Mills!

  • Whatever you choose for the first option, he will remember!
  • Whatever you choose here it counts as Support for John Mills!

Police Station Visit V

Dr Olivia Blanche!

  • I only seek justice for Anne Lewis!

SGT Warren Reed!

  • He is trying his best!
  • She helped me already!

Old Man!

  • It was like taking a nap!
  • Administer painkillers!

Mayor Kuzak!

  • Lewis deserves better!

Police Station Visit VI

Samantha Ortiz!

  • During this interview you get to make your final political pledge. You choose to either pledge with OCP and Mills or go with Kuzak and the people of Detroit!

Police Station Visit VII


  • That is enough!

Downtown Visit III

Ulysses Washington!

  • Officer Washington, you are going with me!


  • Issue a warning is considered the best response!

Dr Olivia Blanche!

  • Yes!
  • Then you need to give the answer you gave earlier!

OCP Headquarters

Samantha Ortiz!

  • At this point, you would have decided whether or not to align with Samantha and reveal OCP’s true plans or not!
  • Just follow the choices that back up whether you want to help her or arrest her!


  • This is the final decision you make for the political outcome of the game!
  • Siding with John Mills or Mayor Kuzak!

Final Choice

End Of Story!

  • You get to decide what to do with the Old Man, I chose to save him!
  • A huge piece of concrete falls from the sky toward RoboCop and the Old Man saves him, at the cost of his own life!
Written by Miguel


  1. I don’t understand the issue with choosing the diamond dialogue option with pickles. He seems to appreciate that just like the middle option, but doesn’t care for the final option if anything. At least that’s how I read it.

  2. i chose diamond in the rough and refused to give him the money, yeah he was a little mad, but it was water under the bridge next time you see him. and the ending slide revealed he owns the movie theater. so i think those were his best choices.

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