Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Ultimate Powerleveling Guide

This guide will show in details on how to powerleveling.

Guide to Powerleveling

Where and What

So in the Vault of Shadows you will encounter these guys:

They have the ability to come back to life after a turn. They are “alive” as soon as they stand up even if you can’t see their lifebar and it only say KO.

It seems the game treats every incarnation as separate entity. So you you will get XP.

For everytime you kill one of them. Do not end the battle as long as you want keep going on.

The moment you leave the XP will be accounted for and you will level up which means in the next battle they will be worthless.

I did this for probably an hour, hence the patience thing.

But it got me this:

This was a leap from level 19 to 23.

Since you will get more XP the lower your level is you can probably get even more or faster results if you get there with a lower level than i did.


These enemies have only single target attacks, so a character with taunt is recommended.

Also a healer so your taunter has indefinite staying power.

Well and then of course someone who can kill fast.

You can see the party i used in the picture – it worked extremly well.

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