Sapiens – Role Cheatsheet

A quick cheatsheet to help you set up your Sapiens roles.

Guide to Role Cheatsheet

The Sheet

There are actually few basic/general things that children can`t do in this game, allowing you to free up role slots for more complex tasks on a lot of adults. Im not shure of the restrictions on pregnant women/carrying her child. Will update once i have a pregnant one again. Elders can still do everything, they are just slower and tire faster.

All can do

  • General Labor, Basic Building, Investigation, Diplomacy
  • Fire Lighting, Butchery, Basic Coocking, Grinding, Baking
  • Pottery, Ceramics
  • Rock Knapping, Flint Knapping, Bone Carving
  • Flax Spinning, Tool Assembly
  • Music

Children can`t do

  • Basic Hunting, Spear Hunting
  • Digging, Mining, Tiling
  • Thatch Building, Wood Building, Mud Brick Building, Brick Building
  • Tree Felling, Wood Working
  • Planting, Threshing

Hope this helps you speed up you Tribe organisation a bit, or at least gives you a quick overview on what to plan for.

Written by MadPhoenix

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