Scarlet Nexus – How to Unlock Karen Episodes 1-4 (DLC 3 Content)

I will share how to access DLC 3 content: Karen’s Episodes 1 – 4 in Scarlet Nexus game.

Guide to Unlock Karen Episodes 1-4


  • You must “accept” the DLC in the shop by going into the “Accept tab” then accept all.
  • You must finish either Yuito or Kasane’s story line.
  • After beating the game. The game will ask you to create “cleared save file”. Do it.
  • Go back to main menu then load the “cleared save file”.
  • Pause the game to view the menus, then choose “Library” then “Challenges”. In it, you can see the “completed” challenges with “rewards”. Find Karen Episodes 1 to 4 as the “challenge rewards” and redeem it.

You probably need to redeem four complete challenges to obtain the DLC content.

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