SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

This guide will explain how to get all achievements/trophies in the SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE game.

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies

Story Achievements

Unlocked during the story

Welcome to G: Universe

  • Cleared a mission excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Will unlock the first time you finish a mission after the tutorial.

This thing’s on!

  • Developed an MS – Once you collect all the blueprints for a Gundam you will unlock it as a playable one.

See the truth for yourselves.

  • Finished a true mission – The story centres around restoring history and completing true missions.

Whoa! Such a storm of passions!

  • Acquired a rarity 4+ expansion part – On missions in the later directories you will be able to receive parts with a rarity grade of 4+ from boxes, enemy drops and mission rewards.

Hey, what do I do next?

  • Destroyed 500 enemy MS/MA excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Even with minimal grinding this will come well before you finish the story.

Fights without regard for their life!

  • Dealt 3,000 total damage excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Should come naturally just keep fighting and leveling up your gundam.

I’ll give my body to everyone!

  • Raised a partner unit’s friendship to max – Assuming you keep the same partner/partners through out the game, you should fill in the friendship gauge over the course of about 10-15 missions.

Soldiers’ System

  • Finished Directory 1: Soldiers’ System – Simply finish chapter one and finish the following cutscene, the achievement will then unlock.

Amid the Storm

  • Finished Directory 2: Amid the Storm – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Angels and Demons

  • Finished Directory 3: Angels and Demons – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Red Water Star

  • Finished Directory 4: Red Water Star – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Meteoric Destiny

  • Finished Directory 5: Meteoric Destiny – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Victors’ Requiem

  • Finished Directory 6: Victors’ Requiem – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Rhapsody in G

  • Finished Directory 7: Rhapsody in G – Finish the chapter, watch the following cutscene.

Grind Required Trophies

That won’t stop me!

  • Destroyed 250 MS by cutting through them excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Suggested levels to grind are Early game with low level enemies. “Cut through” refers to the Hold-Melee attack which launches enemies away. You’ll known you successfully “cut through” when the enemy is cut in half.

Mercs only fight winning battles.

  • Cleared 3 missions with no partners excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Simply replay directory 1 Mission “A Future Reward” with no partners selected.

I see it! A single drop of water!

  • Performed 50 counters excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – As the tutorial shows counters are preformed when guarding an enemy’s attack at the last second. Good enemies for this include most Bosses and Dark Army gundams.

Payback with interest!

  • Hit with 50 reversal Chain Breakers excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – A reversal chain breaker is preformed when using chain break (melee+jump) as the enemy is mid-combo on you.

Allow yourself to get hit and press chain break to pull one off. Suggested level is Master Asia’s Last Breath.

Sentiment alone and power alone…

  • Hit with 100 neutral Chain Breakers excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Simply execute a chain breaker (Melee+Jump) while an enemy is close to you.

May the glory of victory be yours!

  • Performed 100 SPAs excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Active your SPA when your golden gauge is full, once the animation is complete you will unleash your Special attack. Simply do this 100 times.

Just tell me you need me!

  • Raised 10 partner units’ friendship to max – When you complete a mission with a partner selected they gain “friendship” as seen above the exp bar on mission completion. Simply complete 10-15 missions with the selected Partner, fill the gauge, then select new partners until the trophy pops.

We must work together to survive.

  • Aided partners with Restore 30 times excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Just restore your fallen allies 30 times. Should come pretty easily once you start grinding chaos missions for blueprints.

Gundam is what guides humanity!

  • Developed 50 MS – Collect all the blueprints for 50 gundams, the game will automatically develop them making them playable MS. Suggestion, start at the earliest missions and complete Chaos missions whenever possible to grind up Revision keys.

Zero, show me the way.

  • Viewed a briefing cutscene in the Library – Go to the library and –watch– skip through a cutscene.

Gundam! Rise to the heavens.

  • Destroyed 100 MS/MA with aerial combos excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Launch an enemy into the air with Heavy attack (hold), jump into the air and Air combo until they die. Rinse and repeat. Basic enemies are the easiest to farm, as Bosses can only be launched when broken.

I’ll give you power…

  • Performed 100 role actions excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Simply fill 5 slots on the gauge beneath your health and press Guard+Heavy attack. Repeat 99 times or until achievement unlocks.

Never stop.

  • Destroyed 2,000 enemy MS/MA excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – On the grind for all blueprints you should easily get this achievement. If you want to grind it out fast, mission suggestion would be any from directory 7 onwards as they feature the most enemies.

Who are you?!

  • Finished 10 different chaos missions – Simply finish 10 different chaos missions. Will come naturally when collecting all blueprints/unlocking Hard difficulty.

What is WITH you?!

  • Finished 21 different chaos missions – See “Who are you?!” above.

The Gundam isn’t just for show!

  • Finished a mission on hard – Once you have completed all missions on Normal (Standard and Chaos missions) you will receive a cutscene and a message telling you Hard difficulty has been unlocked. Simply select a mission on Hard and complete it. Suggested mission. “A Future Reward” directoy 1.

Look! The East is burning red!

  • Reached player level 50 – Simply complete missions until your Pilot level is 50.

I’m the luckiest pilot in space.

  • Survived within the 1-9 HP range excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – The achievement description can be misleading. What it means is “Survive a hit resulting in you only have 1-9HP left” Once you are reduced to 1-9HP the trophy will unlock.

Take pleasure in fighting on its own!

  • Dealt 2,000 damage in a single strike excluding “The Threat of Zeon”/Tutorials – Simply deal 2,000 damage in a single hit. Level 50+ gundams should find this achievement easy enough, just use your SPA or strongest Sub-weapon.

Give me everything you’ve got!

  • Uncapped an MS – Once you have collected the materials to uncap (Allrounder, Infighter or Sharpshooter) simply go to “upgrade gundam” then select “uncap”

I’ll use it for sure, so… More please!

  • Reached MS level 31 – See above for details on uncapping. Once you have uncapped a gundam past 30 you simply need to level up 4 points, or 1 point in each (HP, Boost, Melee, Ranged)

Once the level has been paid for the trophy will unlock.

That’s right. We can’t let up yet!

  • Reached MS level 50 – Uncapping and leveling up to 50, similar to “I’ll use it for sure, so… More please!” Once the level is paid for the trophy will unlock.

Offer your lives to me!

  • Acquired 30 available partner MS – See “Gundam is what guides humanity!”

Whenever you develop a new gundam you will unlock the pilot as a partner. Simply unlock 30-35 suits. (30-35 because partner’s can pilot multiple suits, however only counting as 1 partner.)

Gundam is what guides humanity!

  • Developed 50 MS – By completing missions/certain fights you can acquire blueprints. Simply collect all the blueprints from standard missions and any chaos mission you can beat. Note: Setting the difficulty to Easy can make farming blueprints on standard missions easier. However setting Chaos to Easy will remove the extra fight therefore preventing you from gaining blueprints.

What could be better than this?

  • Reached a net 1,000,000 dropped Capital – During missions enemies and crates drop golden pyramids, once collect the capital is gained. Simply collect capital totalling in 1,000,000. This is accumulative, feel free to spend the capital once you have gained it.

I believe in God!

  • Acquired a rarity 7+ expansion part – Completing hard missions, opening boxes and killing enemies can drop parts with the rarity 7+. Simply complete hard missions until you receive one.



  • Finished a mission in multiplayer – Simply create a room/join a room, select a mission and complete the mission. Can be done Solo.

Initiating dialogue…

  • Used a callout – Inside the multiplayer room there is a button to callout. Simply select a premade text to “callout” and the trophy will unlock.

Closing (The 100%)

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

  • Acquired all achievements – Once you’ve unlocked all other trophies this once should unlock.

Congratulations Commander. The breaks are fixed. History is saved and registered.

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