Sea of Craft – Official FAQ

With the launch just around the corner, we have compiled answers to some of the questions that may spring to mind when you first set foot in the shipyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the retail price of Sea of Craft?

  • The game is priced at $14.99 during EA, with a 10% discount for the first week of release!

Will the price go up later?

  • We plan to increase the price slightly when Early Access is over, depending on what new features and gameplay enhancements have been added in the meantime.

How many gameplay hours can I expect from Sea of Craft? Will there be many bugs?

  • At this stage, Sea of Craft can be seen as a playable demo with the most gameplay loop already complete. As it stands, the game content is mainly composed of single-player levels, a range of multiplayer combat gameplay (Multiplayer), large scenario PvE (Open Sea), a creative mode (Creative), a full shipbuilding system and ship sharing features.
  • After several rounds of testing prior to launch, EA version content proved to be stable and playable. We will continue to optimize and improve the game content after the launch. Of course if you encounter any bugs please join our channels and report them!
  • As for total gameplay hours, we don’t think there is a specific playable time for reference because of the wide-ranging open-ended modes on offer.. If you are a big fan of building, you can spend thousands of hours making your builds bigger and better!

What game modes are currently available in Sea of Craft?

  • There are currently four modes in Sea of Craft: Chapters / Creative / Multiplayer / Open Sea
  • Chapters is a mode where the player designs, builds and pilots ships from a limited parts list to fulfil specific and varied level objectives. Upon fulfilling the level objectives, the player progresses to the next level. Each chapter is composed of three levels, each of which is designed according to the chapter theme. Three chapters are available in this release version and more chapters will be added in the future.
  • Creative mode, as the name implies, is a mode for unleashing unbridled creativity. As such, there are no limitations on building parts in this mode. Currently, there are three built-in stages for your building activities: Desert Oasis, Islands and Endless Ocean. Choose the stage that best meets your building and testing needs.
  • Multiplayer is a PvP mode where captains do fierce battle with one another. Test your designs in Creative mode and create the ultimate PvP build! Whether you’re fighting on land or sea, your building expertise and piloting prowess are the only difference between victory and defeat.
  • The Open Sea resembles roguelite gameplay. Liberate strongholds by defeating pirates and use the proceeds to upgrade your ship!

Is there a leaderboard in the game?

  • Yes! There are leaderboards for both single player levels and the Open Sea!

Are there any in-game purchases? Do I need kryptonite?

  • Sea of Craft is a premium title containing no in-game purchases. You can’t go wrong buying one copy: buy two copies to earn blood!

Is there an achievement system?

  • Yes!

Is there a buddy system?

  • There is currently no buddy system – our PVP mode is designed around joining a room to play solo against player opponents.

Is Sea of Craft an online game?

  • Yes! Multiplayer is unlocked by completing the first single player level. After that you can build your own PvP battleship and join the battle!

How many players does the game support at most? What is the balance mechanism of multiplayer mode?

  • Currently Multiplayer supports up to 8 players on the same stage, but in the future we will consider expanding this to 16 players. For performance reasons, we currently limit the maximum number of parts per game to 1600. For example, players in an 8-player room can each use up to 200 parts. Accordingly, each ship in a 4-player room can comprise up to 400 parts. You can toggle part limits in Creative to help you easily build ships that conform to the requirements of different rooms.

Will there be a mobile version?

  • There is no specific plan for this. Please follow our channels – this may one day be a reality!

How many people are there in the game production team?

  • We are an independent game studio, currently a small team of about ten people.

When is the next game update?

  • We will release updates systematically. In due course we will announce an update an update schedule. Please follow our socials for the latest news!

Does the game require high-performance hardware?

  • The game currently relies foremost on CPU power. Because of the nature of physics building games, the larger the object built the greater the CPU capacity consumed. The development team attaches great importance to performance optimization, and we will continue to make adjustments after the game is launched to ensure a smooth gameplay experience!

Is there a photo mode in the game?

  • Of course there is! You can take a group photo after the completion of a masterpiece at the Shipyard by pressing F7. Photo mode includes many features such as time-of-day control, weather control, time pause, hide UI, doodling and unfixed camera view, etc.! Go try it out in Creative mode!

Dev-Oriented Questions

What is the correct procedure to report a bug?

  • First, briefly describe the bug you encountered, preferably with pictures. We will also collect your feedback from the official Discord channel. In some cases we may need the player’s log to locate the problem: the path of the log is usually:
    C:\Users\your computer username\AppData\LocalLow\WizardGames\Sea of Craft\player.log. You need to enable ‘show hidden files’ in Windows Explorer.

Is it true that there will be a stage editor function?

  • After the existing framework and version stability of the whole game has been perfected, we will use the existing building system to make a stage editor.

Will there be more kinds of custom parts in the future?

  • Yes, there will be.

Will there be in-game character roles in the future?

  • We are not considering making characters that can be controlled and interacted with by players, but we are considering designing a female character to join the game.

Will there be more flight power parts in the future?

  • Currently we are testing an “Air Propeller” part, which can support players to make helicopters and drones. In the future there will be a set of parts specifically for flight components.

What types of weapon parts will be added to the game in the future?

  • We will follow the existing model (shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, blaster) to come out with standard weapons, but we will also introduce themed weapons corresponding to the overall theme of each content release (I want to bring back the flamethrower and fire systems…).

Is the game cloud-archived?

  • Blueprints (ship design files) are currently cloud-archived, and can be saved to the blueprints slot tied your account.

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