Sea of Stars – True Ending Guide

Here’s a walkthrough on how to get the game’s true ending with spoilers.

How to Get True Ending

To start, you need to beat the game once. You’ll then come across a scene where a part of a monolith lights up in Moorlands.

To light up the remaining 7 and proceed to the True Ending path, you need to do the following:

  • Defeat the secret boss in the secret Docarri sunken ruins. You have to collect all three shards in three separate sunken Docarri ruins.
  • Complete the Dweller’s Fall Arena challenges in the town of Brisk.
  • Defeat the secret boss in the Cerulean Expanse. You need to get protips on getting to the secret area from one of Teaks’ stories.
  • Free Duke Aventry in the Flooded Graveyard. You need to open up Romaya’s secret passage on an island north of Wraith island.
  • Complete all 5 Solstice Shrine puzzle trials. Then head to Mountain Pass and enter the newly-opened Solstice gate portal.
  • Find all Rainbow Conches on both world maps.


Once all of that is done, head to the final boss area and fight the final boss. You also gain access to a special quest involving the Golden Pelican and fishing. We suggest you take time doing the quest before you tackle the final boss.

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