Sea of Stars – Actual Ultrawide Fix Guide

Allowing you to actually play this game in Ultrawide resolution.

How to Fix Ultrawide


So basically this is an actual Ultrawide fix for this game since the devs didn’t make proper fix for our monitors.

This game’s ultrawide is limited to 2560×1440 and has multiple pixel problems including clipping and etc so basically the goal of this guide to allow YOU the ultrawide player to have the best experience for your resolution.

Preview of the stretching and limitations in the original ultrawide.

Let’s fix it.

Step 1

  • You have to download this file here.

Step 2

  • Extract the contents of the release zip into the game directory (e.g. “steamapps\common\SeaOfStars” for Steam).
  • Ensure the zip contents are alongside the game exe and not within a subfolder.
  • Run MelonLoader.Installer.exe, click SELECT and browse to the game executable. Leave all the options as default and click Install.

And this is how the game looks like now.

Note: you must launch the game and not the exe file otherwise it will crash.

Another note: this process is only done once! you don’t need to do it everytime you play.

And that’s it. Enjoy your game!

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