Sea of Thieves – Secret Boss Encounter Guide (The Pirate Fizzy Foxy)

The article explains how to locate the Legendary Pirate Fizzy Foxy from the Most Wanted posters, a recently added hidden NPC boss encounter that became available owing to a stealth upgrade at the end of 2021. It adds 100k to your purse and gives you a new title the first time you accomplish it!

How to Complete Fizzy Foxy Boss


  • The Boss is a formidable opponent.
  • Make sure you have at least 100 cannonballs, 50 plans, and a couple food crates on hand.
  • If you plan to join the ship of Fizzy Foxy, you should have at least one extra team member.

The Path

The boss is a peculiar one. I suspect it was secretly added some time at the end of 2021.

In order to spawn Fizzy Foxy you have to follow a sequence of actions that no normal pirate would do without a reason.

First, you need to interact with Fizzy Foxy poster !99! times!

That’s crazy but it is a part of the hidden encounter.

You can find those bad boys at any port bar, you often spawn nearby.

You have to fully click through 2 dialogue entries twice, meaning you can’t press ESC, if you press ESC and don’t go through all dialogue lines this will reset. You need to thoroughly click through them all exactly 99 times. I mean 99 times x all dialogue. Good thing is that if you are going to do that in a crew only 1 person has to do this for it to work.

Now, where and how does she spawn?

Fizzy Foxy spawns directly over letter F at night time that is nearby the Coral Fortress if you look over the seas map. Even though it is outside the map so to speak, you can still go there.

But that is not all. In order to trigger her spawn you need to make sure you swim across letter F, directly across it at maximum magnification (zoom in your map fully) of the map.

It will look something like this up close (also you can see I failed it a few times but it is not a problem you just need to make sure to cross F at some point, I suggest lowering sails and trying it at a slower pace once your course is straight, although pirate legends won’t probably need that and can try going full speed)

Again, do not forget it has to be night. So long as the game thinks it is night time it works.

If you arrived and it is day time just wait nearby until it becomes dark and swim over F

Now that you’ve done this a boring nothing special looking skeleton pirate mob enemy ship should appear at distance. I actually managed to spawn it right before it started becoming light again.

This is how it will look like. Approach the ship and as you get close it will magically change textures from a skeleton ship to a pirate sloop with a very special enemy aboard and a special kind of flag.

This is what you need to look out for.

The Fight

Prepare for a nasty fight, though one that can be done by new players if they are somewhat good.

Fizzy Foxy has an appearance and move set of a basic phantom with blunderbuss but she packs a lot more health and damage.

She looks like one of them guys. Sorry didn’t get her picture because she is ruthless and I play solo. But at least I managed to snag her flag.

Anyway, the fight can go two ways.

You either pummel her ship with roughly those 100 cannonballs I mentioned before and repair your own with 50 boards or you go aboard her ship and you get up close an personal.

A fair warning here: her ship attacks and sails by itself. So if you board her vessel and fight her up close your ship will still be getting damage from her cannons. So it makes sense to either give up your ship and stay on her deck fighting her but you should probably toss a few of your food chests onto her ship in order to heal or have someone melee her and have your crew deal with the ship. Or just you know. Stay on your ship.

I tried the encounter twice (not counting the times I failed) to see if you keep getting rewards again and if it makes a difference if you kill her in melee or just sink her ship and I didn’t notice any different outcomes except that the 2nd time you complete it you don’t get any new rewards.

Maybe it makes a difference of title or reward the 1st time you beat her? However, I can’t check this anymore as my Xbox One is no longer working and was about time it stopped I decided to try this game on PC. So if you own 2 accounts you can try to beat her differently the 1st time and tell us the results here.

If you get in close combat fight beware she can insta kill you, she seems to do a lot more damage with her sabre and blunderbuss than any normal phantom. So be really careful and bring food. She also has much more health but otherwise her moveset is nothing special and it is just annoying fighting her on ship.

Her ship itself also has more health than you’d expect of a sloop and deals some awful strong damage from its 2 cannons.

Choice of vanquish up to you, just tell me if there is any difference in how you kill her 1st time.

The Reward

There is no physical loot (at least for me) after beating this encounter (you think I overlooked it eeh?).

I got +100k gold coins for the kill that automatically went into my purse.

And this fancy new title that I prance around with.

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  1. How did you notice this secret? I mean it’s pretty specific for someone with a level like yours. I also can’t seem to find anything else about this secret, boss or title anywhere. Not even a tiny Reddit comment.

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