Madness: Project Nexus – How to Get Fast Cash and Boon Tokens (Arena Mode Guide)

How to get fast cash and boon tokens from the new mission added to Arena Mode with v1.03.a!

Guide to Get Fast Cash and Boon Tokens

The Introduction and Basics

You want fast cash and lots of Boon Tokens, right?

This guide will be short and sweet, nothing complicated.

The Heist is the newest mission added to Arena Mode. It’s a hybrid mission; you accept it at the Bus Stop, but unlike other Contract Missions, you can bring your hirelings. The difficulty level affects how many vaults you can breach; if you want Boon Tokens from the third vault, it needs to be on Tough or Madness. It’s a compact map with some obvious parallels to Payday; your focus is the vaults in the top-middle of the map.

Once you finish building the saw on the vault doors, a timer begins and enemies will start attacking you. You’ll receive a notification when the police launch an attack from the barricades, usually a group all using MERC Battle Rifles. You’ll also receive a notification if they start trying to disable the saw, and if they succeed. If they succeed, it’s not the end; just build a new saw and the timer resets.

Every time you build a saw, it works like starting a new stage on Helicopter Missions; weapons on the floor disappear, but Loot Bags do not! More on that later. When the saw finishes its sequence, the vault door opens, and you are presented with four loot containers and another vault door.

You’ll need to interact with the loot containers to create three Loot Bags from each one, but you can also assign individual hirelings to do this. The van also pulls up where it dropped you off at, and allows you to drop off Loot Bags and access your storage from the back of it. It will take off as soon as you start the next saw.

You can carry one Loot Bag in every weapon slot you have, which is four in total, but each one will slow you down a bit.

Why You Came Here

The mission itself isn’t complicated, if you’ve played it a few times then you’re familiar with it, and the main purpose of this guide is how to maximize your gains of cash and Boon Tokens. Here’s how you do that:

  • Start the saw immediately every time it’s done.
  • Order your hirelings to hold position in front of each saw with Ctrl + MMB to defend it.
  • Crack the boxes and bag the gold during police assaults, while the saw timer is running.
  • Carry the Loot Bags out to the pick-up point by the van during police assaults – enemies do not react to them.
  • The van will automatically collect any bags close enough to it without you needing to be there – any that are too far will remain in place until you move them closer.
  • When the third vault is done, put two Token Loot Bags on your back, one in your hand, and run for the van.
  • Escape as soon as the last bags are collected, you do not need to wait for your hirelings to catch up.
  • Profit and Boon Tokens, fast and clean!
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