Self Defense Dojo – How to Make Money

Money-Making Guide

Construction Job

You’re at the part where you can start exploring on your own, right after meeting the first character you call “Housewife.” Here’s what you do:

Head to the construction site and do the part-time job twice in one day using your starting stamina. Then, go back to the Dojo to sleep. On the second day, after your first job, talk to the foreman. He’ll hook you up with a new way to make more money through a mining mini-game. That’s your next step. Sounds like a fun spot in the game!


Start with the basic drill and you can buy a better one with the money you make. To get the other two drills, you’ll need to play the fishing mini-game (more on that later).

Controls: Hold the left mouse to angle left, the right mouse to angle right, and no mouse button to drill straight down.

Drill HP: Each drill has its own HP. Start with your weakest drill. When it runs out of HP, it’ll automatically switch to the next one until you’re using the best one. This helps you last longer and make more money. Remember, you need to repair them to keep using them, so watch your money.

During the run: Avoid rocks and gravel as much as possible, but it’s tough because the drills don’t steer well. Break them only when necessary – they give a bit of money. Focus on finding gold nuggets, gold gravel, and chests, in that order, since they pay the most.

Get paid: Make sure to visit the foreman the next day to get paid for your runs. If you miss him, you’ll lose the money from the previous day.

Keep going until the night of 5/15. That night, you’ll have a dream or nightmare, which leads to the next stage of the game.

Big Bertha

Alright, you’re up against Big Bertha on the morning of 5/16 after a nightmare. Here’s what to do:

Meet Big Bertha: You wake up from the nightmare where Big Bertha threatens you. Head to the training room where the master will introduce you to his adversary’s niece. He doesn’t want to face her because she’s a “pretty girl.”

Battle time: The fight with her is similar to training with the girls before you seduce them. Just rapidly alternate between left and right mouse clicks to build finger dexterity. For the second part of the fight, you need to time your mouse clicks to stop in a specific zone.

Rewards: Beating her gets you $20,000 and a significant boost to your strength and skill levels.

Recurring challenge: She comes back every five days for the next 30 days and gets tougher each time. If you don’t level up your strength and skill, it’ll become impossible to win. Based on your first playthrough experience, fast fingers can get you through the second challenge in five days without extra training.

Next steps: After winning, you should have enough money to buy the second-best fishing rod and lots of stamina items, which you’ll need for the next part of the game.

Fishing and Mining Bender

Okay, you’re now diving into a big part of the game where you’ll be mining by day and fishing by night. Here’s how to tackle this busy schedule:

Mining and Fishing Schedule: Mine during the day and fish at night. Take a break from fishing the night before a challenge event, like the one on 5/20, unless you’ve already bought everything from the fisherman.

Fishing Mechanics: For fishing, cast your rod far enough in front of the fish so it hits the water a second or two before the fish reaches it. This timing is tricky and depends on the fish’s speed. Watch for the fish’s shadow to turn red, which means it’s toying with your hook. Wait until the bobber dips underwater completely before clicking, or you’ll lose the fish, 10 stamina, and time advances 15 minutes. Catching a fish costs you 10 stamina and also advances the time.

Fishing Strategy: Fish all night until 8 AM, replenishing stamina as needed. If you stop seeing large fish, which are worth the most points, exit and re-enter the mini-game to respawn them. Aim to earn between 800 and 1200 fish bucks each night. Use these to buy upgraded drills from the fisherman.

Mining Profits: Buy all drills available, including the gold drill from the construction site if you haven’t yet. With all four drills, you can mine extensively, possibly reaching depths over 1000 meters, and earn a lot of money – around $200,000 to $300,000 per game day.

Repeat: Continue mining during the day and fishing at night until you’ve purchased all one-time items from the fisherman and black market vendors.

Fishing Tips

  • To play the fishing mini game you need to throw the hook a certain distance in front of the moving fish it has to be in the water for about a second before the fish gets within range of it.
  • For the fast moving ones you pretty much have to throw it on the opposite side of the screen as soon as the appear.
  • The fish that is going for it will turn red and start to play with the hook do not click the mouse button until the bobber goes completely under water as long as you click the left mouse button within the first second or so of that happening you will catch the fish everytime.
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  1. I can confirm that as long as you train with the person you want to see at the theatre, do not interact with them after training, then they show up at the theatre at 16:00. I can consistently train both girls and then immediately go to the theatre and they are both there with their partners no further interaction needed.

    • The only thing i’m struggling with is completing all the post-training scenes. I can’t get Mayuko in master’s room or Ayano in the break room. Can’t 100% because of it.

    • I don’t know if there is any way to guarantee where they go after training.

      Your best bet is just to make a save and keep trying until you get it. Maybe some post training situations are more likely of you train with a girl multiple times in a day.

      I apologize for not being able to give any helpful advice.

  2. I have the two women at lust 5 and the husband/fiance at trust 5 as well as depressed. I can’t figure out how to meet them at the movies. They mention it with a line like “maybe the cinema will win her back” but when I go to the theater and try all the movies they aren’t there.

    • If you’ve already seen them talk about going to the movies, then go there at 16:00 and see if they are there. (No one should be at the Dojo).

      If they aren’t showing up, then try training with the girl you’re trying to meet at the theater and small talk with their partner. (Not a confirmed method but it’s worth trying).

      I hope this helps

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