Settlement Survival – How to Keep Citizens Warm

This a guide about how to keep citizens warm under extreme difficulty (it also applies to other easier difficulties).

Guide to Keep Citizens Warm

All credit goes to dsj23!

It can be divided into three stages:

  • Fuel stage.
  • Rough Clothes stage.
  • Down Jacket stage.

Fuel Stage

Domestic fuel and coal are used to avoid citizens being frozen to death in winter, but it does not guarantee their work efficiency.

Note Game starts in spring on extreme difficulty, the overall temperature is comparatively low. So without enough domestic fuel or coal for heating, citizens may say their farewells to you at the beginning.

But domestic fuel can only be burned in citizens’ houses so the first thing we have to do is to build a House.Don’t build too much at once or else manpower will be dispersed. We should concentrate on building the first house quickly at the beginning and wait until the “Citizen is Freezing Icon” no longer appears on everyone’s head.

Then, we need to make sure the acquisition of fuel:

  • Method 1: Build a Foresters’ Hut or quickly unlock Forest Farm to have stable timber output, and then arrange workers to chop timber into domestic fuel(firewood). Using Water Sawmill can produce domestic fuel more efficiently.
  • Method 2: Build a Mine and directly mine coal. Disadvantage: more manpower needed to be arranged. Advantage: Timber can be saved and used for other stuffs.
  • Method 3: Go for trade route, selling surplus resources to earn silver coins, and then order coal at Ferry or Dock directly.

In addition, the Boiler Room can be used to halve the amount of fuel consumed.

Rough Clothes

Rough clothes are used to cope with cold winter and ensure citizens’ work efficiency. People who wear clothes work longer in cold weather than those who don’t.

There are many crafting formulas for rough clothes, so getting them won’t be a hassle.

Examples on extreme difficulty:

One way is to turn off the citizens’ status icon or bubble in Settings – Show Citizens’ Status – None, and let them run “naked” without the annoying warning. “Out of sight, out of mind”. As long as we don’t know they are freezing, then they are not freezing.

Warning! This is just a joke. Leaving them naked can be an option at the beginning or under easy difficulty, however, citizens will die once the difficulty increases, or in the middle and late stage.

Jokes aside, there are 5 methods below:

At the beginning, This is the first method also the most stable one – select a starting spot close to a collecting point where you can 100% obtain some seeds in the first year. And flax seed be included inside those obtained seeds.Then, unlock the weaving technology in Technology(T) – Processing – Textiles to unlock Textile Mill.

You have the materials for building a Textile Mill from the beginning, so you can build it directly and the total cost of Technology Points is just 1.

Note: Citizens may freeze to death without clothes if they go too far to collect seeds.

The second method is to constantly rely on Gatherer’s Hut + manual collection of plants on the map to obtain Flax Seed. The probability is not high, but still can be obtained for a long time.

The third method is to obtain flax seeds by directly ordering them in Ferry or Dock, but it will cost 8002 silver coin. You can sell the high-value items that are abundant in the early stage. For example, if your starting spot is rich in minerals, you can sell them directly. If you turn on Show Basic Guides in setting, you can even get 6000 silver coin without selling anything. And if you are lucky enough, get another 1000 coin from a random event, and boom you have basically enough money. Build a Ferry in early stage, and with good luck, maybe you can buy flax seed in merchant ship at standard price and you don’t even need to order it.

The fourth way is forgetting about the flax and to go for hunting route. In the first year, find a spot where you can 100% obtain animals cubs. Build a Hunter’s Hut nearby, and then employ as many hunters as possible. You will soon have three kinds of animals, from which the probability of getting Leather and alpaca wool is not low. If you can get feathers at the same time, you already can craft down jackets. If you miss the first year, the speed will be much slower.

The fifth method is to find a way to quickly build a Goof-off Hero (Turn on Special Building before starting a game). Once you can win 99999 silver coins from it, you can close this structure. Never mind the debuffs it brings to your citizens, just buy anything you want directly with the money.

Note that using SL (save and load) won’t change the result in the Goof-off Hero.

Down Jacket

The most important effect of Down Jacket is to deal with the upcoming snowstorm. If you are not prepared, your citizens may be all dead when the disaster comes. There are four routes to obtain down jacket for your reference.

The first method, and the conventional one is to obtain raw materials for production of Down Jacket. When the output is insufficient, you need to stock more than the population first by disabling (banning) the citizens’ use of Down Jackets then reactivate it before disaster comes.

The second method is to continue making money in the preparation process, establish a Ferry as soon as possible, wait for the merchant ships to arrive and purchase some Down Jacket directly, and then disable them and use them in case of emergency.

The third method is to prepare enough silver coins according to the number of people if there is no merchant ship carrying Down Jacket. Before the snowstorm comes, just order the amount you need to withstand the snowstorm.

The fourth method also the ultimate one, if you can’t cope with the snowstorm, there is a more ultimate option, that is, before the arrival, enter the setting and turn off disaster, so that there will be no more disasters. Wait until enough production to pass this crisis and enable the disaster again.

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