Rune Factory 4 Special – Increasing Skills Guide

Let’s be honest, getting those skills to level 99 is a pain, whether you’re playing for enjoyment, 100%ing the game, or simply trying to go through hell mode. I’ve come to share my knowledge with you through this tutorial.

How to Increase Any Skills

All credit goes to Wisp!

Leveling Up a Few Random Skills Every Day

First things first you get a heart locket after killing the third boss, which doubles your XP. its a simple request that requires a moondrop and nothing more.

There really is no fast way to level up a few skills, such as mining/logging/farming/ list goes on, if you don’t see it in the guide, its probably one of them. However I do have a method of increasing these skills somewhat quickly, along with every single other skill in the game, which involves farming.

You know those skill orbs? The little white glowing things you sometimes get from a crop?

Each time one is collected, a random skill will level up, regardless how much xp you still need to level it up. (unless it is level 99 of course.)

Skill orbs are more likely to spawn on higher level crops, and the can spawn on renewable crops; (such as strawberries or tomatoes).

I find the best possible plant to use would be pineapples or pink melons. If you keep your soil nice and healthy and boost that crop speed with supplements, you can cover an entire field, and grab a decent amount of levels each day.


Combat skills are increased Via attacking with the weapon that corresponds to what you are trying to level up. For instance, you would level up “Spear” by attacking with a spear.

The easiest method of increasing any of your weapon skills is available right after the tutorial. It is as easy as slapping that bed of yours over and over, and mashing that attack button.

If you wanted to just increase your stats with no mashing required, simply get an autoclicker, set that bad boy to be at 70MS or so (70 to avoid using the ultimate attack and consuming rp) go make yourself a sandwich and relax.

This can be done with all skills, including magic

If you want to level up a combat and magic skill at the same time, put an elemental crystal on the weapon and use the autoclicker.

Recipe Skills

Starting with Crafting/Forging

Once you get yourself a crafting table and, or a forge, feel free to use some of that iron you mined in the forest to make yourself some shields (for crafting) or broadswords (for forging).

Once you have your shields or swords, upgrade them to level 10 with turnip seeds from blossoms shop.

The RP cost will increase by 2 every single upgrade, but with enough eating and bathing, you can hit level 99 in like 30 minutes.

Optional: If the turnip seeds start to become expensive, if Raven is in town, buy as much fur as you can (assuming you shipped a piece before) and turn it into yarn in the crafting table, which sells for 80g a piece, netting you some easy coins, assuming you buy and sell in bulk.


Unfortunately chemistry isn’t as simple as crafting and forging. The easiest methods are buying colored grasses from Jones or Nancy in the clinic.

Chemistry Examples:

Blue grass can make a level 15 difficulty recovery potion. Making a bunch of these at once will get you some easy levels.

Purple Grass can make a level 10 difficulty heavy spice, which actually makes you some profit as well.

Withered Grass, Blue Grass, and Black Grass can make a level 29 difficulty Formula A.

Withered Grass isn’t sold by Jones, but could easily be gotten by killing some turnips by not watering them.


Tame a cow thing and a chicken thing in the Selphia Planes and harvest those sweet sweet eggs and milk, and turn them into food to consume or sell. You can

Below are a few things you can make with relative ease.

  • Mixer – Butter (Level 15) [Price: 1 Milk]
  • Pot – Hot Milk (Level 17) [Price: 1 Milk]
  • Pot – Boiled Egg (Level 18) [Price: 1 Egg]
  • Frying Pan – Fried eggs (Level 20) [Price: 1 Egg]
  • Steamer – Flan (Level 29) [Price: 1 Egg & 1 Milk]

Life Skills (Searching/Walking/Sleeping/Eating)

Sleeping is one of the best skills in the game, as it increases basically all of your stats.

There is no penalty to sleeping instantly as soon as you wake up.

Other than crops dying if you have them planted.

The NPC’s will mention that its been a while, but thats it, so feel free to pull a Dr. Stone and sleep for 3000 years.

Walking Yeah, nobody clicked on this guide to level up walking man. See the “Leveling a few skills each day” part of this guide to save your sanity. But if you hate yourself, feel free to hold that right trigger button, or (shift?) on pc, and walk around for hours on end.

Searching supposedly gives you better loot from chests, however its kind of difficult to grind on its own. Until, I found out that npcs will occasionally have a chest bubble above their head, that means theres a hidden pick up in that room. If you scan around the walls and see the red diamond pop up, you can grab the item and get a little bit of xp.

You can grab this item multiple times a day My favorite spot is by Selphia dragon lake, you can run in holding a, and grab a turnip seed, keep in mind: search items will be random each day, so the spot at the lake might not be there that day.

Eating Consume. If that apple near your head in empty eat something for maximum xp. Leveling this is REALLY easy if you’re grinding the sleeping skill. Wake up -> Eat -> Sleep. Easy.

Getting the food can be done by cooking, or emptying your bank account in the Porco’s wallet.

Defense/Resist Skills

Defense levels up when you take damage. When you kill the third boss, the chest that opens up gives you a heal spell, if you go to one of the bosses in hell mode and you take like 1 – 3 damage, just afk for a bit, check back to heal, and you should be good to go.

Resist Poison/Seals/Paralysis/Sleep/Fatigue/Cold

If you make an Object X, when failing chemistry, say you put a rock in there or something, you can drink it to get all of the debuffs mentioned. However, if you don’t have debuffs when drinking them, you get wayyy more xp.

All you need to do, is drink an Object X, sleep, or talk to Nancy or Jones, and repeat.

Resist Knockout pretty sure you just die a lot. sooo yeah, get to it champ.

Misc. Bathing/Taming/Throwing/

Bathing Honestly, whenever you need RP, take a trip down to the bath. However, going more than once a day starts to increase the price by a lot.

Taming Wish you can throw rocks at animals, and still do it for a good cause? Great! because if you tame woolies with random objects like rocks, then release them, you will get levels for it.

Throwing Walk into a wall holding an item, and mash the throw button over and over to basically roll the item over your head and pick it back up.

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