Seven Knights: Idle Adventure – Gameplay FAQ (Mechanics and Technical Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bang Bang Bounty Hunt?

The Bang Bang Bounty Hunt is surprise content accessible upon clearing specific stages, similar to May’s Postal Service.

The gauge will fill up based on the number of cleared Stages, rewarding you with an exclusive buff beneficial for progressing stages, as well as rewards upon reaching certain Stage intervals.

What is the Emblem System?

Emblem Level-Up

Emblems can be leveled up by using ‘Medals of Honor’ obtainable from the Guild War. Upon reaching the maximum level, the next level Emblem will unlock.

The Emblem System will be accessible after reaching Stage [1,601]. The effects of Emblems will be applied to all heroes.

Emblem Enchantment

Emblems that have reached their maximum level can be Enchanted by using ‘Gem Dust’ obtainable from the Guild War.
A set rate allows one gem out of four to be enchanted onto a slot.

Resonance Effects will activate based on the number of the most common color of enchanted gems.
All stats activated through the Resonance Effects will be applied to all heroes.

What is Terra Magazine?

Tap the [Terra Magazine] tab to view its feature. Terra Magazine is a pass product where you can earn rewards every two-week schedule by achieving a set of missions and goals.

Terra Magazine will unlock upon entering Stage [281].

Free rewards can be obtained by simply achieving certain goals based on a set tier. In the case of pass rewards, you can unlock them by purchasing each pass item.

You can obtain Fina’s Gift as a major reward that will assist in growing a hero whom you cannot advance in the usual manner by increasing the remaining hero card count.

What is the Blessing System?

Upon entering Stage [581], the Blessing content will unlock. In this content, you can further unlock each Blessing to enhance stats by using ‘Star Shards’ obtainable from the Pet Ranch.

Every two unlocks a Blessing that hasn’t been unlocked will be randomly removed, starting with the highest tier of effects. Blessings cannot be unlocked once removed.

Unlocked Blessing effects are applied to all heroes in Formation. Unlocking all available Blessings unlocks the next tier of Blessings.

You can use Rubies to reset a tier of Blessings and you can also retrieve all ‘Star Shards’ used.

Why is the Lucky Wheel not showing up on my account?

The Lucky Wheel will only be available and displayed on your account upon reaching Stage [800] or higher.

Lucky Wheel is content where you will have the opportunity to acquire various rewards by spinning the wheel.

Once you unlock the Lucky Wheel content, you will be able to spin the wheel by tapping the [Wheel] icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Additionally, you will be able to obtain a more advanced reward as the Golden Wheel may appear at a set rate after a certain number of spins.

[Four Leaf Clovers] are used for spinning the wheel.

How to check winning of events

As for the event, there are various types of events, from in-game events to community events.

If you participated in an event in the form of selecting a winner, you can check whether you have won or not in the announcement of the event winners in the official forum (community).

Since the date of the winner announcement for each event is different, please be sure to check the announcement of the event and the winner. If you have won in an event, please also check the additional details in the announcement.

How to launch game and resolve performance issues

There may be many causes for the slow game speed or being unable to run the game smoothly.

Before checking the solutions provided below, please check whether the network environment is stable first. If it is not a network problem, we recommend that you proceed with the steps below.

If the account is not linked, data may be lost, so please check whether the account is linked before proceeding.

  1. How to close background programs to resolve crashing with other programs

How to close background programs in Android (AOS)

  • Press the III button next to the home button of the device
  • Close other apps running except for Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  1. Re-install the game
  • Delete Seven Knights Idle Adventure app
  • Go to the store, re-install, and launch the game

Setting up push notifications

If you do not want to receive in-game push notifications, you can set whether to receive push notifications in the following method.

  1. Enter the [Settings] menu in the game
  1. Enter the [Notification] menu
  2. Change the receipt status of [Notice/Game/Night Push]
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