Seven Knights: Idle Adventure – Guild War Guide

This short guide explains you what is it the guild war.

Explanatory Guide to Guild Wars

The Guild War system is content where guilds compete with each other.

Access to the Guild War System will be granted upon reaching Stage [1,601]. Participation is restricted to guilds with more than 20 members, each of whom must have participated in the Elite Arena at least once.

Matchmaking will proceed with another guild during the Matching Period based on the Guild War Score.

  • If no guild is available for the matchmaking, you will win by default upon Guild War settlement.

Each Guild will have 9 bases, with a minimum of one or a maximum of four guild members assigned to each base. The deployed member will automatically set up a defending team using the most recently used formation in the Elite Arena at the time of matching.

Guild members will be randomly and automatically assigned to bases, and the formation of deployed members will remain unchanged until the Guild War ends.

Every guild member assigned to bases will have 6 Energy Points. When the attacking team wins a round, each victory will deduct 1 Energy Point from the defending team. An opponent with 0 Energy Points cannot be attacked.

  • Each Energy Point deducted from your opponent earns you 5 Destruction Points.

During a season, each guild member can select and attack the opponent guild member assigned to the bases up to two times a day. Upon attacking, battles consist of 3 rounds of 3 attacking teams, each composed of 10 heroes.

You can attack an opponent’s outer wards without requirements, but the inner wards and castles can only be attacked when the adjacent connected bases are destroyed.

  • Defeating all opponents assigned to bases will make their bases destroyed, earning higher points in the order of Outer Wards → Inner Wards → Castles (100 points for outer wards, 250 points for inner wards, and 500 points for castles).

The Guild that obtains more Destruction Points by attacking will earn a victory until the Guild War ends.

You cannot attack a target that you have already attacked.

Participating in the Guild War will earn you rewards.

Following the conclusion of the Guild War, the outcome—Victory, Draw, and Loss—will be determined by the Destruction Points. Based on each result, you will receive Guild Points as a reward. Additionally, ranking rewards will be distributed according to the Guild Score.

  • Even if you have not participated in the attack, you will still be eligible for ranking and result rewards as long as you are enlisted in the Guild War Battle participation.
  • After participating in the Guild War 5 times, you will be included in the rankings, qualifying you for ranking rewards.
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