Shadow Warrior – How to Obtain Nailed Achievement Easy

In Shadow Warrior there are various achievements which are difficult to earn. This guide was made in order to ease some of that burden for the sake of players who really want to obtain those specific kill achievements and get one step closer to getting that 100% for the game!

Nailed Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

Chapter 9

For this particular guide you’ll want to first reach Chapter 9. This is because within this chapter there is a point where you run into human enemies in a sewer system with a red valve you need to turn off before proceeding to the next part of the level (In other words the area is un-miss-able).

The Method

When you finally get to the beginning of the fight with the human enemies, It would be wise to save/quick save before fighting them since this method is a cheese method in order to get this achievement fast (No more than 10ish minutes on casual).

Before attempting this achievement

  1. In terms of difficulty I recommend being on either Casual/EX Casual for obtaining all the specific kill achievements. It becomes tedious otherwise.
  2. Obtain Crossbow (Super easy happens by just playing the game).
  3. Level up said cross bow (I used a max one for this achievement).

For completing the achievement

  1. Save before the encounter with the Human enemies.
  2. begin fight only using the cross bow (AIM for body shots (A.E Stomach, or Back)) Crouching really helps for the sake of earning Nailed. If you shoot them in the head it will simply rip it off, and you wont even get progress toward the achievement.
  3. Reload after you’ve killed all of the enemies (Repeat process for maximum GROFIT).

Note: It’s worth noting that on casual the human enemies should just be getting one tapped regardless of location of your bolt, but be sure to shoot them once they place their back to a wall in order to make it real easy to get the Nailed! kill condition.

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