HELLDIVERS 2 – Resources Guide

Finding out the hard way i have found and compiled information about resources into this here guide!

Guide to Resources


Requisition is a easy to get resource that before too long you will have bought just about everything in the strategem store and start to accumulate so much of it you can’t spend it, gained from doing objectives


Medals are used to unlock new… well everything from the warbonds store free or premium after eventually buying both warbonds out with these medals it is likely that new warbonds will require them and therefore there is a point to stocking up on them. Can be acquired from completing missions and from point of interest pods

Super Credits

Super Credits are the premium resource for the game however you can get them from point of interest pods 10 at a time, used to buy armours from the Super Store. (WARNING armours in the Super Store have different stats to warbond armours e.g the tactician armour currently in the store has lower armour and faster movement speed then the scout armour, so your faster AND have access to 2 extra grenades). Can also be used to by premium warbonds to but unadvised.

Common Samples

Common Samples you are going to need A LOT OF THESE, can be found at points of interest all over the map, after you have maxed out ship modules these become useless

Rare Samples

Rare Samples feel more common then the common samples, same as the common samples needs a lot and useless once maxed out the ship modules

Super Uranium

If you have been wondering why you haven’t been getting these resources while on high difficulties then this is why.

They look like floating mercury off the ground

And ALL of them spawn at this structure here, you can also find this same structure on lower difficulties too just without the super uranium surrounding it, i suggest even on the lower difficulties you make note of this structure so you can recognise it better when your in the thick of it on the harder difficulties


Don’t worry too much on requisition get what you need/like, prioritise those medals, try to get some samples when you extract, pay attention to the Super Store armour stats if they are more towards what you want and use those super credits found ingame to get those armours.

Written by LOTSL


  1. It doesnt *always* spawn at that weird rock though. There’s an Automaton outpost with a unique “defensive tower” that also has a small chance of having them. The tower is the usual base, but has a smaller (inactive) AA turret of sorts on top of it.

    Either that, or the generation just fucked up. Either way, if you cant find that weird rock on an automaton world, look for the tiny outpost instead.

  2. Currently it seems like there are more super credits on the lower difficulties than on the higher ones, as the higher difficulties have more loot that can be in the POI pool.

    If you want to try to grind out SC’s, playing on D1-D3 and hitting all the POIs is the best method (don’t forget to blow open the container doors). If you have a few friends that also want to grind, loading into a D1 mission and having all four of you split up to hit different portions of the map and extract can complete a mission in 5m whilst gathering all the SCs, medals, and common resources.

    • At the end of the match, credits get multiplied. So while in-match and during the quest you can in deed collect more credits, after the multiplier is applied, the higher difficulty always gives you more (though IDK how it compares on a per-hour basis, as in theory you can run lower difficulty missions each hour than the high difficulty missions).

  3. Yeah i don’t know what it is with Common Samples, their are DOZENS OF THEM per map even on low level difficulties. And YET more often then not when you DO find a sample its a RARE SAMPLE!

    I have like 200 Rare samples at this point, frankly i wish you could EXCHANGE sample types at this point!

  4. If you complete the radar tower side objective, It will display a bunch of diamonds on your map – These are all points of interests with samples.
    If you collect all the samples then the diamond turns into a different symbol on the map – This is also an extremely easy way to find super samples on difficulties 7/8/9 as the special rock you seek comes up as a POI.

    We have been doing the main objective and then splitting off in Helldive and hitting all the POI’s prior to extract, Most games leave with 30/30/6 (Green, Orange, Pink)

    Very efficient.

    Only posting as I did not know this about the radar towers until realising last night, Hope this helps out a few people

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