Shadowhand – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide will help you to obtain all achievements in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to aquatorrent!


Most achievements are straightforward so this guide might not be needed. I just feel like posting it in case there are people who like to do research before buying or playing the game first.

In short, you can play the game in any difficulty. Just play the last level in the very hard difficulty if you want to 100% it. Some achievements might need more effort to finish, but they are not difficult as long as you have a lot of jack spares stored up.

Tips and Tricks

If you are just starting the game and have issues, here goes.

The game relies on RNG. You will need to restart several times just to be lucky enough to win.

Do not start playing the game in the very hard mode right away. You can revisit them once you are more geared, but you might be having difficulties in your first run because of the reduced gold chance. I played the game in normal mode for all but the last level and there were times when I was having a hard time with battles.

Whenever you are engaged in battle, check the enemy gear before starting. You need to adjust your gear for enemies’ attack. Are they using bleed? Wear something that has a bleed resistance. Stun? Stun resistance. There are clothing for almost everything.

Use your active abilities. They will recharge overtime. You might need to time them sometimes, but you’ll get the hang of it as you play.

Collect as many spare cards as you can, preferably the joker. You can have a maximum of 10 spare cards, so you can start using your non joker ones to complete your collection by then. Do not be afraid to use them though, especially if you have maxed your guile stat. You will be able to find 2+ of them in every level by then.

Increase your stat! You can change them in the inventory screen. I am pretty sure that you can increase any stat that you want, but if you want to follow mine, I maxed guile, prosperity, finesse, and willpower (in order from left to right). I am able to buy everything in the store with some excess money at the last chapter in normal difficulty, although you might be able to buy all items without the prosperity stat in relaxing difficulty.

Upgrade your gears if possible. Weapons are the most important – the shopee might sell the same weapon as the one you have, but they usually have higher damage. Since enemies will have more armor in future chapters, it’s best to buy your favorite weapon type that has higher damage. You won’t be able to afford all of them at early game, so choose carefully.

You can replay level to get money. If you screwed up and didn’t buy something that you need to finish the next chapter, consider replaying the previous chapter to get the money. It’s not mandatory though – I myself only replayed the first chapter twice, and that’s just to test this.

Story-Related Achievements

Obtained through story progression and can’t be missed.


  • Complete Chapter 5

Grave Robber

  • Complete Chapter 10

Punch Drunk

  • Complete Chapter 15


  • Complete Chapter 20

These ones are related to difficulty. You can beat the game in the very hard mode to unlock all three. By “beating the game”, I meant to finish the last chapter in that mode. You can play the first 21 chapters in relaxed mode and the last chapter in very hard mode if you want. You can change the difficulty by ticking the box below the inventory button in the chapter selection.


  • Beat the game in Relaxed mode

Liberty & Justice For All

  • Beat the game in Normal mode

Hardcore Outlaw

  • Beat the game in Very Hard mode

Combo Achievements

You should be able to get the first two by completing the main objectives. As for the 40 combo, you just need to stock up joker spare cards and use them whenever you run out of cards.

Combo Greenhorn

  • Make your first combo

Combo Connoisseur

  • Make a combo of 20 or higher

Combo Virtuoso

  • Make a combo of 40 or higher

Money Achievements

These ones are easy. You should get them if you aim to three star every level.


  • Win 1200 gold in a single chapter

The earliest you can get is in chapter 5.


  • Win 2000 gold in a single chapter

I got this in chapter 10.

Rainy Day Fund

  • Save up 3000 gold without spending it

Self-explanatory. You can replay levels if you want. Just don’t buy the gear that you need before you get this achievement and you should be fine.

Other Achievements

Wild at Heart

  • Fill all available spare card/joker slots

You can pick up 10 spare cards. Spare cards are cards that are purple-colored, sometimes marked as spare. Just click on them to pick them up.


  • Use three ability cards in a single hand

Once you have 3 abilities, equip them, and wait until they are usable. Use all of them right away afterward.

Star Quality

  • Earn 20 stars in a chapter

Self-explanatory. Although there aren’t enough levels in the first few chapters to get 20 stars, the rest of the chapters have 8 levels each, meaning that you can get 24 stars from them.


  • Get 8 perfect hands in a chapter

Get 3 stars in a chapter with 8 levels. The earliest you can get is in chapter 6.

Multiplier Maestro

  • Get a 5x multiplier

You can only get a multiplier whenever you are not fighting an enemy. You need to remove cards from the screen without drawing a card from your deck to increase it. It’s easier to get it later in the game. I got 5x multiplier (39 combo chain) in chapter 21 with no effort, although the last level in chapter 20 also can work since you have a mission to achieve a multiplier of 30. The multiplier will be displayed on the top-left corner of the screen and will be updated in real time as you chain more combo.

Top Deck

  • Own all ability cards

You can buy them all from the inventory on the chapter selection screen. Some cards can only be bought or obtained as you progress the game.

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