The Hunter Classic – How to Earn Gm$ (Ingame Currency)

An explanation how to activate the missions to earn ingame currency.

Guide to Make Gm$


There is alot of confusing about this game beeing free to play (what it was already during subscribtion time) and the option to buy a premium currency with real money.

No single item (not bundels) in the store is exlusive for the premium currency Em$, everything can be bought with Gm$, earned by playing the game.

Yes, it sounds weired that you have to actualy play the game, you wanted to play anyways.

However you like to play, there is no reason not to click 4/four times and earn Gm$ just by doing what you want.

Of course you can focus on completing those missions you can/want and earn Gm$ faster.

  1. Open the launcher and click on “missions”
  2. Click on “regular missions”
  3. Click on the red “Activate All” button
  4. Click the checkbox for “Automatically activate new available missions”

The mission rewards increase up to 3600Gm$ for a single mission!

Many of the first steps are tracking (footsteps, droppings or calls) or spotting, so you can do those even if youre just wandering around or you dont have a weapon for.

The first 3 whitetail missions are a previous tutorial and pay only 100$ each, but they rise after that.

Its not always just 100$ increase, many mission packs jump from 300 to 500 and then 700 or 800… for example.

If you reach a step where you need a certain weapon, you can play in a multi player game with someone who already has that weapon, exept those marked as single player.

When you harvest the animal shot with that weapon, it will count to your progress. no matter if you shot it – the mission orders you to “harvest” one, shot with that weapon.

I also want to point out that you dont have to complete all missions and packs.

You can earn enough Gm$ to buy upgrades (carry capacity), weapons, callers…. and then still have the 13.600Gm$ needed to reset all missions and do it again.

You should keep that in mind, save the 13.600Gm$ after you have your upgrade and another weapon for more species and more missions. you will earn enough in the first playthrough already.

You will also get some Gm$ for harvesting animals with a CCS (cross species score).

But be aware, that animals scoring by antlers (deers, moose & elk) wont pay for females (they dont have antlers!).

That harvest money is fine for consumables, like scent reducer (very much advised) or you ammo. some suggest to farm high paying species for Gm$ but i dont know… never done that.

Your starter gear is great for Bushranger Run and the north of Whiterim Ridge, where you could complete quite a few steps in one hunt.

But any other map too, if you check the ammo page for the species you are permitted to shoot.

No hunt is ever the same and so the missions wont ever be the same.

Activate them, even if you dont want to do them, and forget about calling this game pay to win ever again!

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