Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon – Save File Editing Guide (for Speedrunning)

How to remove/add relics from your relic pool to optimise speedrunning luck.

How to Edit Save File

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Hey all! This is a brief guide on how to edit your save file in Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon. I won’t go over everything that’s possible, I’m just going to cover the necessary part for setting up a speedrunning save file.

First and foremost, if you just want to unlock everything there is a cheat code for this. Go to the title screen and input the following sequence: (Up Up Down Down Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right Esc Esc Esc)


With that out of the way, let’s take a look at your save files. You have two identical save files appropriately named “save” in two different places that you must edit.

  1. Your local save, found in C:\Users{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Yacht Club Games\Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon\76561198157672095
  2. Your Steam cloud save, found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata{USER ID}\1184760\remote

When editing these files, you should only edit the local save and then copy it over to the Steam cloud save once you’re done editing.

These save files can be opened in Notepad, and they are very messy. You can use the Ctrl+F feature to find the fields you need.


The most important field is “blessing unlocked X”. These are the relic unlock conditions, ranging from 0 to 36 for each relic (including DLC). Since the first 15 relics are unlocked by default, changing their values does nothing.

Here is the list of fields you can change. Copy the “blessing unlocked” part into the Find menu of your save to locate them. You’ll see a value, either 0 or 1, next to the property. 0 = locked, 1 = unlocked.

Change this value however you like.

  • “blessing unlocked 15” Gold Leaf Clover
  • “blessing unlocked 16” Swift Dagger
  • “blessing unlocked 17” Third Amulet
  • “blessing unlocked 18” Single Glove
  • “blessing unlocked 19” Divine Liquid
  • “blessing unlocked 20” Five String
  • “blessing unlocked 21” Fenix Feather
  • “blessing unlocked 22” Chronos Glass
  • “blessing unlocked 23” Too Big Bomb
  • “blessing unlocked 24” Toad Totem
  • “blessing unlocked 25” Mentor Manual
  • “blessing unlocked 26” Fury Horns
  • “blessing unlocked 27” Citrus Slice
  • “blessing unlocked 28” Chester’s Map
  • “blessing unlocked 29” Super Skeleton Key
  • “blessing unlocked 30” Stick of Ram
  • “blessing unlocked 31” Cosmic Cupcake
  • “blessing unlocked 32” Underdog Charm
  • “blessing unlocked 33” Attack Coin
  • “blessing unlocked 34” Defense Coin
  • “blessing unlocked 35” Big Bohto Bugle
  • “blessing unlocked 36” Relic Box


Don’t forget to copy your newly edited save into the other save location!

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