Company of Heroes 3 – How to Obtain The Cover-Up Achievement

Hi, I’ll show you how to get the cover-up achievement. Screenshots will be with dialogues in Polish, but they are not important. Alternatively, they can always be translated.

The Cover-Up Achievement Guide

All credit goes to Wojtrox!

Step 1 – Capute the Bari

The most important thing in my opinion is not to occupy airports near bari, same about the largest airport in fogglia. When we take over the port of Bari. In the next turn or several (probably it’s random) we’ll get information that Bari is the main target of German bombers and we should strengthen our anti-aircraft defense. Of course, we don’t do that and keep waiting.

Step 2 – We Wait

We will notice that several ships will arrive in the port of Bari, which are targeted by bombers.

Here I waited several turns for the bomber plane to move from the airport towards bari. Of course, I still didn’t do anything with my units.

When the bomber is already moving then we know that half of the success is behind us.

Here it is about the damage caused by the raid on the ships.

Step 3 – Complete a Side Quest in Bari

After the bombing, the side mission “Bari Health Disaster” will pop up.

General Norton is talking here about the casualties that are in Bari and that we should get reinforcements there.

Now we must direct our troops to Bari. The time to complete the task – 5 turns. Importantly, our unit must be in the port for 3 turns.

2 / 3 turns

Step 4 – Enjoy the Completed Task and the Achievement

After 3 turns our quest is done and we get our the cover-up achievement.

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  1. Took me two tries to get this achievement. First time on normal I took Bari got the ships but never the bomber. Did notice on my way to Bari I got close to Foggia and got the “Planes are escaping Foggia” message, I think this is what stopped the bomber. On the second attempt on hard, I dropped paratroopers as close as I could get them there from Monte Corvino airfield, only taking Grumo and Bari and was able to get everything to work and got the achievement.

  2. So I got the achievement today and you get it after General Norton talks about it being “a personal afront if the Luftwaffe attacked Bari”. After about 5 or 6 turns the Luftwaffe bombed Bari. After Bari gets bombed it takes 1 round for the “Medical Issue” task to appear which has a 5 turn limit, but only takes 3 turns of garrisoned units to complete.

    • I have already passed 10 turns of him saying it’s a personal affront. Did you complete the objective of capturing Naples or city equivalents? I rushed right to Bari when I could and it still hasn’t happened.

      • The only major cities I captured was Potenza. However I think it has to do with “establishing unified front”/playing in General Norton’s strategy. Try capturing everything south of Potenza and making the battlefield a unified front.

        • Thanks, yes you have to be past that stage in the game. I picked reinforcing the line and taking Naples after Potenza.

  3. the side quest doesn’t appear for me,
    i went straight for bari at the start.
    i did get some dialogue about bombing but it’s not happening

      • The difficulty level is normal. Before volturno line. Sometimes regular scout planes will fly which means nothing, but you have to wait for the moment until the bomber comes. I had to skip turns and wait for this to happen.

  4. Confirmed Works! Thank you for sharing!

    Now we just need to figure out how we get “Lest We Forget” achievement 🙂

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