Silent Hope – Dungeon Guide: Battle Basics

The Abyss is teeming with monsters that will impede your progress. You must defeat them if you want to reach the King. And to do that, you’ll need to master your weapons and skills.

This page covers all things combat, from basic battle strategies to specific recommendations for each hero.

Beginner FAQs

“Monsters swarm me the secondI step into the Abyss!”

Keep your distance

Silent Hope’s most basic battle strategy is hit and run. In other words, land a decent number of hits, dodge incoming attacks, then rinse and repeat. If you stay in combat range for too long, monsters will simply chip away at your HP. The key to victory lies in dishing out more damage than you take.

Use your skills!

You have access to many powerful skills, some of which can deal a lot of damage at once. While each skill has a cooldown timer, they have unlimited uses. Don’t let them go to waste—use them as often as possible for max damage!

“I can’t dodge monsters’ attacks!”

Memorize attack patterns

Observe how monsters move in set patterns when they’re preparing to unleash an attack. As soon they start winding up, that’s your cue to dodge or dash out of the way! Since you have limited health recovery options, you want to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Watch their movements

Keep a close eye on not only your hero, but also the battlefield itself. Take careful note of monsters’ positions, movements, and attack patterns to decide when you should hit or run. Monsters with ranged attacks can be especially dangerous, so prioritize taking them out first. Although you’ll probably focus most of your attention on your hero when starting out, once you master the controls, revise your strategy to cover the field as a whole.

“How do I recover HP?”

Use Healing Potions

Use Healing Potions whenever you want by pressing the L Button, or save them in order to automatically heal up if you’re KO’d. Keep in mind that Healing Potions recover more HP when you use them yourself. Any consumed after you’re KO’d will only restore a quarter of your max HP. We recommend using one when your health falls below 50%. Each hero can carry up to two Healing Potions, which they automatically equip before each expedition.

Pet animals

Heal up by interacting with animals that you encounter while exploring the Abyss. Some will restore a set amount of HP, while others will fully heal you and give you an additional Healing Potion if you’re running low. If you’re doing fine on HP, consider talking to them later, when you need their help most.

“How do I get pastthis tough monster?”

Level up by defeating other monsters

Each hero has their own level, and you won’t lose any experience by leaving the Abyss. Level up to increase their base attack and defense stats, as well as improve their skills. If you find yourself struggling against a particularly strong monster, try returning to an earlier floor and defeating weaker ones to level up.

Get better gear

You can find legendary-grade equipment in each layer of the Abyss. These pieces are far more powerful than your regular equipment, and make future expeditions much easier. Some monsters drop rare equipment. You might also discover such items inside purple treasure chests. Keep exploring the Abyss, leveling up, and finding rare equipment to make your heroes stronger.

Upgrade your equipment

Visit the Forge at Base Camp to upgrade your equipment by up to five levels using runes and Booster Parts. You can even upgrade your basic equipment, which takes less time than leveling up or hunting down rare gear. Desynthesize equipment and Mementos to receive Booster Parts. Use them at every opportunity to stay one step ahead of your foes!

Master skill combos

Your skills include powerful single-target attacks, ranged multi-attacks, status ailment-inflicting attacks, personal buffs, and more. You can activate some skills immediately, while for others you must wait for the cooldown timer to expire first. Each hero can set three skills at once. Since novice adventurers can only learn three skills, you might as well use them all early on! As your heroes access new classes and learn new skills, try to find a good balance in order to take advantage of a wide range of effects.

“Should I swapcharacters mid-dungeon?”

Tag-team your way to victory!

Swap heroes by examining the crystal teardrops scattered throughout the Abyss. If one hero is on the brink of collapse, you can still continue your expedition by swapping to another hero at full HP. To get the most out of your adventures, try leveling up at least two or three of your favorite heroes.

Take advantage of swap bonuses

When swapping between heroes in the Abyss, the departing hero will cheer on the one taking their place by providing a useful buff. From the Fighter’s strength boost to the Rogue’s increased rune drop rate, these buffs will make any adventure go more smoothly. Since these buffs stack and are shared across heroes, try swapping between multiple people on a single adventure. More advanced classes grant more powerful buffs, so it’s worth leveling up each hero.

Wanderer’s BuffDefense: +30.0%
Warrior’s BuffMax HP: +20.0%
Rogue’s BuffRune Gain: +20.0%
Archer’s BuffCrit: +30.0%
Farmer’s BuffDodge: +15.0%
Fighter’s BuffStrength: +30.0%
Caster’s BuffMagic Resistance: +30.0%

Note: If you collapse while in the Abyss, you’ll return to Base Camp but lose some of the items you found. Don’t worry—you’ll keep all the experience you’ve gained!

Battle Styles

Wanderer: Quick & Speedy

Keep moving while combining regular attacks and skills to rack up damage

The Wanderer is a well-rounded, versatile fighter who’s light on his feet and easy to control. While his individual attacks may not pack much of a punch, he excels at landing consecutive blows while avoiding enemies. Increase his damage output by equipping weapons with an attack boost, upgrading his sword, or attaching a Magistone that exploits an enemy’s weakness.

Send foes flying with a Shield Tackle

When surrounded by multiple monsters, try activating Iron Wall before rushing in with a Shield Tackle. After stunning your enemies, finish them off with a Spin Slash. Note that while Shield Tackle is an effective way to stun your foes, you can only charge in a straight line. Use the Left Stick to aim at your target. If you want to prioritize attack power, focus on improving the skill level of his Spin Slash and Shield Tackle skills.

Warrior: Raw Power at Close Range

Make every mighty hit count

The power-focused Warrior tears through enemies with broad horizontal slashes and even stronger overhead strikes. Winding up for larger attacks leaves her vulnerable, so position yourself carefully and keep an eye out for openings to avoid taking too much damage. Focus on equipment that boosts attack and movement speed to increase her mobility. Since she prefers close combat, she may struggle with enemies that keep their distance. When confronting them, try quickly chaining horizontal slashes to close the gap.

Charge in with a Howl

Nail your combo by rushing in with Charge, stunning enemies with Howl, and destroying them all with one Fell Swoop. Even regular attacks can do significant damage to stunned enemies. Regardless of your strategy, make full use of the Fighter’s raw power and wide attack range. Upgrade both Charge and Fell Swoop to improve their attack power, and Howl to reduce its cooldown timer. Experiment with all your skills and use whatever best fits your fighting style. Since your most powerful skills often have longer cooldown timers, equip gear that reduces them.

Rogue: A Barrage of High-Speed Hits

Make up for lower defense and attack range with extra evasion

The Rogue can instantly fell enemies with her speedy attacks and skill combos. However, since many of them follow a straight line at minimal range, going on the attack can leave her very vulnerable. Dodging incoming attacks is the key to victory. To better protect her when under fire, equip items that further improve her evasion and mobility.

Deal big damage with Ring of Daggers and Flurry of Blows

Increase your damage output with Ring of Daggers, then follow up with Flurry of Blows for a lethal combo. Note that Flurry of Blows leaves her wide open to enemy attacks, so time it carefully. Quick Strike is a powerful stand-alone skill that boosts evasion. Try using it early to provide more cover for Flurry of Blows. To make her even deadlier, prioritize upgrades for Quick Strike and Flurry of Blows.

Archer: Keep Enemies at Bay with Long-Ranged Attacks

Use the distance to your advantage

The Archer’s well-balanced skillset focuses on flexible ranged attacks. Since his defense is low, put some distance between him and his enemies to avoid their blows. You can compensate for his lack of firepower with gear that boosts his damage output. Rather than take on a group of enemies all at once, pick them off one at a time by funneling them through narrow chokepoints.

Catch enemies in a Bear Trap and finish them off with Rapid Fire

If monsters are after you, stop them in their tracks with a Bear Trap, then follow up with a combination of regular attacks and Rapid Fire to finish them off. And if that’s not enough, give yourself some space with Spread Shot before laying down another Bear Trap. Focus on leveling up his Rapid Fire skill if you’re prioritizing power above all else.

Farmer: Confuse Enemies with Quirky Tactics

A whole different approach to combat

The Farmer’s go-to strategy is outwitting the enemy. Use mostly regular attacks while also supporting yourself with your skills. She boasts a unique regular attack: a three-step forward lunge with her trident, followed by a step backward. This lets her strike repeatedly while keeping enemies at arm’s length. Since her skills don’t really boost her damage output, equip her with gear that increases attack power.

First, Snack Time! Then get Outta My Way!

Snack Time is a quick way to enhance a random stat before a battle begins. Follow up with Outta My Way to send monsters flying, then use regular attacks to pick off whoever’s weakest. If you’re still outnumbered, summon a Butterfly Buddy to distract some of the monsters. Landing hits with her requires some precision, so consider your position and timing before striking. Since all her unique skills have their own benefits, level up whichever you use most.

Fighter: Powerful Skills that Pack a Punch

Single out enemies for a pummeling

The Fighter compensates for her narrow attack range with punishing blows. To deal the most damage possible, slip in and out of the fray while avoiding any hits. She struggles to strike down multiple enemies, so don’t let them surround you. Any equipment that boosts her attack power and speed will serve her well.

Grapple ’em before delivering a Power Punch!

Draw the enemy close with a Grapple to stun them, then follow up with a Power Punch. Fancy Footwork boosts her attack and movement speed, letting her take more swipes at a grappled foe. While Power Punch has a long wind-up, it consistently delivers big damage, so consider leveling up this skill first.

Caster: Attack From Afar with Mighty Spells

Careful positioning makes up for slower speed

While the Caster can sling spells from a distance, his slow attack speed makes him an easy target. For that reason, keep him well away from any enemies, placing him in advantageous areas that let you cast as many spells as possible. Consider equipment that improves his low defense and evasion or boosts his already powerful skills to take down enemies even faster.

Lure enemies in with Black Hole, then wipe them out with an Explosion

Use your Black Hole spell to suck in monsters and turn them into prime targets for an Explosion or Magic Sphere. The Caster boasts a good balance of regular, ranged, and support skills. However, all his skills and spells take time to execute, so good timing and positioning are key. Focus on leveling up his Explosion and Magic Sphere skills to gain even more of an advantage on the battlefield.

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