Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out – Spirits of the Chaos Age

Glorantha holds many spirits that can aid your clan in surviving the Chaos Age, particularly as the power of the Gods wanes. Seek them out in the wilds of the valley and beyond, and they too may aid you!

Spirit List

Spirit of the Age

Born out of sheer necessity, this spirit may come to you if you listen to your spirits and aid them.

  • Spirit of Spirits – helps in direst of times

Spirits of Sustenance

These spirits will help you feed your clan, either directly or through supporting you in your own food production.

  • Berry – brings in food via foraging (in Sea, Fire and Earth seasons)
  • Heron – brings in food via fishing (any except Dark season)
  • Earthworm – improves crop yield
  • Cheese – boosts food production from milk
  • Needle Grass – helps restore overgrazed pastures
  • Moss – keeps foragers safe
  • Crow – helps foragers find things

Spirits of Trade & Exploration

Whether crafting goods or aiding your explorers and traders, these spirits help you keep up trade now that Issaries has gone.

  • Clay – helps crafters with pottery
  • Loom – helps crafters with weaving
  • Fox- helps locate things
  • Hare – helps us sneak past others
  • Stallion – aids explorers
  • Trade Wind – improves either selling or buying
  • Trout – helps river crossing

Spirits of the Hearth

These spirits focus on aiding the clan and its people, warming their hearts, tending their sick, and focusing the mind.

  • Bat – reduces fear of darkness
  • Butterfly – lifts clans spirits
  • Copper – improves clan cooperation
  • Dog – helps stay true to our ways
  • Healing – heals wounded or sick
  • Vole – increases children born

Spirits of Battle

Work with these spirits to defeat Chaos or other enemies that threaten your clan.

  • Iron – helps fight Chaos
  • Owl – allows fighters to respond faster
  • Scouring Wind – helps fight Chaos
  • Wolf – helps with fights against a pack
  • Winter Fox – helps you raid during Dark and Storm season

Spirits of Communication

If your clan prefers words over warriors, these spirits will help you work with others and unite people.

  • Frog – helps in dealing with those tied to the Water rune
  • Rose – helps gain forgiveness
  • Scarab – helps dealing with Trolls
  • Turtle – boosts confidence & resolve in dealings with others
  • Whistling Wind – wins over the bullheaded


  1. yes hello i don’t know how to use spirits and my clan mage keeps nagging me about it but dosen’t give me an interaction hoe to make use of them?

    • you go to your gods/religion/magic page, and up the top you’ll have a drop down menu to select either ‘gods’ or ‘spirits’.

  2. Crawfish – helps in situations involving tribute.
    Flint – helps the Ceremony venture.
    Mole – helps dealing with dwarves.
    Sakkar – helps overcome fear.
    Salmon – helps ring give better advice.

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