Six Days in Fallujah – Beginners Tips

Frequently asked questions and beginner tips to help you get off the ground running.

Tips for New Players

Class Selection

How do I change my gun?

If you’re solo… you can’t.

While in a co-op lobby, you can select a class by clicking on your name/your friend’s name and selecting one of the four classes available:


Basic Rifleman w/ Frag Grenades


Team leader w/ Grenade launcher attachment


Autorifleman w/ M249 (goes brrr)


Chad w/ Shotgun as primary and M16 as a secondary


How do I select a different mission

Missions in this game are randomised, but follow a specific mission type/objective.

To select different missions, simply return to lobby. Each time you start the mission you’ll get something random.

There are 4 mission types currently:

Apartment w/ Minaret Sniper

Clear an apartment building and secure friendlies from the roof.

Heli Support

Clear an area for air units to proceed safely.

Protect Convoy

Look after the convoy and ensure it doesn’t get BLAP’d by an RPG or VBIED

Fortified Compound

Clear a fortified compound of enemies, tear down the flag, survive a counter attack.

Insurgent Reactions

AI will react to your voices, footsteps and flashlights.

Use this info wisely.

How to Check Map, Objective, Timer, Ammo etc.

You can do most of this by either tapping or holding the ALT key.

Tap to check ammo and compass.

Hold to check map, timer, objectives.

Important Hotkeys + Small Tips

  • Tap R = Check Mag
  • Hold R = Reload
  • Scroll while holding RMB = Swap between point firing/ADS
  • C = Ping
  • X = Flashlight
  • Hold spacebar = Radio
  • Stop moving to automatically check for wounds when hit
  • Hold F on a downed friendly to revive them
  • You can res your dead buddies once per mission by returning to the AAV
  • Game is best played without Discord comms!
  • Hold Shift while opening doors to breach. Sometimes doors require a few kicks to open.
  • Shotgun can breach doors – shoot the handle.
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  1. Add “W+Shift = Sprint” and “W+Shift x2 quickly = Sprint faster” . Didn’t know the last one until yesterday

  2. What is the fire selector button? I am getting pretty irritated whenever I redeploy through reinforcement and my M16 is set to full-auto, only to make it so I can’t hit anything.

  3. You can breach the door by hold shift + f either to kick the door (twice sometimes or 1) or use the ram to clear the door.

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