Arcade Paradise – 100% Full Achievement Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you get 100% achievements on this game. I’ll try and keep the guide as spoiler free as possible, as there is a minor story that plays out throughout the game. There are no missable achievements in this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story Based Achievements

When you first start the game, you will be running a laundromat with a room with a couple of arcade machines. As you play through, your business will slowly evolve. The below achievements are all tied to meeting certain requirements tied to the storyline.

Pushing a pull door

  • Description: Enter the Laundrette
  • How to earn: As the description states, walk into the front doors.

Fetch Quest Complete

  • Description: Empty all 4 hoppers at the start of the game
  • How to earn: Around the building, you’ll find four machines full of coins: The change machine, Virtual Air Hockey, Woodgal’s Adventure, and Racer Chaser. Kneel down and when the coin slot highlights, interact to open with them. Open all four to get the achievement.

I can’t wait!

  • Description: Purchase and receive delivery of your first new Arcade Machine
  • How to earn: As the story progresses, you’ll unlock a website on your computer called Arcademania. Use this to buy new machines and the achievement will be granted once it is delivered and placed in your building the next day.

Gerald of Riviera

  • Description: Wait a second… I’d recognise that voice anywhere!
  • How to earn: After you unlock the first expansion to the Wash King, you’ll receive a message the next day from your dad. Listen to the message and you’ll receive this achievement.

New Kid on the Block

  • Description: Shrink the King Wash to expand Arcade Paradise
  • How to earn: This is earned after the fourth expansion to the Wash King. It should cost you $5,000.

Waking nightmare

  • Description: Lose everything and end up working at the Bestwurst
  • How to earn: You will earn this achievement after having a brief conversation with your sister and receiving some bad news.
  • Advice: Don’t panic.

Crowning achievement

  • Description: Replace the King Wash facia and make your father proud
  • How to earn: This is earned after the final expansion is purchased and it should cost you $15,000. After buying this, you will get the cutscene/credits, but will be able to continue playing.

Arcade Machine Achievements

As you play, you will be able to purchase different arcade machines. All of the below achievements are tied to playing a specific arcade game.


  • Game: Blockchain
  • Description: Uncover all conspiracies in Blockchain
  • How to earn: As you play Blockchain, it will give you a small story. You can only complete one story per run, so you will need to play at least five times to earn this achievement. If you lose, your progress will be lost on that story, but if you completed any prior stories, you won’t lose those. You can track your progress at the bottom of the screen with the folders. The last story has 8 parts.
  • Advice: This is a puzzle game. Here are some tips that I found.
  • Never put 1s next to each other. Leave space at the far left/far right for 1s and 2s.
  • Use your hacks and use them often. Don’t wait for an emergency.
  • Aim to clear the firewalled numbers (red blocks) as fast as possible.


  • Game: Vostok 2093
  • Description: Clock Vostok 2093 once
  • How to earn: There are four different stages you will have to play through to get to the final boss. Defeat it and earn this achievement.
  • Advice: You will need to upgrade your ship as you play. The third upgrade for each weapon is fantastic and will help you power through this game fast.


  • Game: Knuckles and Knees
  • Description: Beat all the high scores on Brick, Toad, Racer, Flyguy and Snake in Knuckles and Knees
  • How to earn: While playing Knuckles and Knees, you will find a King Wash with an arrow pointing towards the door. Go inside, play and beat all the arcade machine’s high scores.
  • Advice: You don’t need to do too much here. I only had to receive a high score of one for each machine.

Ballz To The Wallz

  • Game: Graffiti Ballz
  • Description: Have at least one of each colour ball in play on Graffiti Ballz
  • How to earn: As the description states, you’ll want at least one of each color ball on the board at the same time.
  • Advice: Do not leave any gray balls on the board as you play. You can be ok spamming the shoot button at the start, but once your paint gets low, you will want to make matches to restore your paint levels. Take your time and aim well to try and not let too many red/orange balls remain on the board at one time.


  • Game: Bomb Dudes
  • Description: Get to level 3 on adventure mode in Bomb Dudes
  • How to earn: Play through three levels back to back to get this achievement.
  • Advice: Go slow and don’t blow yourself up. There are plenty of power ups available on each stage and they reset each floor you go down. If you are rushing, you will end up catching yourself in a bomb blast. In my experience, I was my own worst enemy most of the time.

Corporate Restructure

  • Game: Knuckles & Knees
  • Description: Beat Jimmy Goldman in Knuckles and Knees
  • How to earn: the game is based on three stages: Street, subway & penthouse. Jimmy Goldman is the final boss of the game and once you defeat him, you will see a story screen showing him getting arrested and you’ll earn this achievement.
  • Advice: When you start each game, you will be shown a character select screen. Focus on leveling up one character to help you get to the very end faster.

Drop the ball

  • Game: Bugai
  • Description: Drop 15 balls in one move on Bugai
  • How to earn: Set up a large cluster to drop at one time when you make a match.
  • Advice: Be on the lookout for a section of balls that you can start a cluster/branch on. When shooting balls, make sure you don’t accidently break the cluster early, but also leave yourself room to ricochet a ball to pop the top part of the cluster to make multiple balls drop at once.

Fat Princess

  • Game: Woodgal’s Adventure
  • Description: Feed the Princess in Woodgal’s Adventure
  • How to earn: When you defeat an enemy, you will earn a colored star. You can spend the stars to unlock new areas on the map and harder enemies. You will need to build the red star bridge by defeating red slimes, orange star bridge by defeating orange slimes, yellow star bridge by defeating bats, green star bridge by defeating cactuses and finally the blue star bridge by defeating pigs. Once you cross the blue bridge, you will need to speak to the princess in front of the castle and defeat her.
  • Advice: Focus on the enemies needed to cross the next bridge. When playing in a round, focus on making four-in-a-row or better matches. That will give you a cake to clear a vertical or horizontal line, depending on the direction you move it. If you can get two chocolate cakes next to each other, swap them to get a chocolate bar to remove all of one shape from the board. Any power-ups will fill up the meter on the right faster and earn you a star faster.

Friends Reunited

  • Game: Barkanoid
  • Description: Complete Barkanoid
  • How to earn: After you complete each stage, you will be given an option to pick a stage. It doesn’t matter which one you go to as you’ll have to complete them all eventually.
  • Advice: Try and get your tennis ball to the top of the board and let it do the hard work for you. If you are struggling, aim for power ups that expand your dachshund to make a very long dog.

GoldGuy Jr

  • Game: Strike Gold
  • Description: Buy all upgrades in Strike Gold
  • How to earn: Earn enough gold to buy all the power ups on the main screen.
  • Advice: Focus on not accidentally crushing yourself. Gold is randomly assigned each stage, so you may have to play several levels to get enough to buy everything.

Got 9999 problems but a Zombie ain’t one

  • Game: Zombat 2
  • Description: Kill 9999 zombies in Zombat 2
  • How to earn: As this one states, kill 9999 zombies with any weapon.
  • Advice: I focused on getting different weapons unlocked. Once you get enough coins where you can buy a weapon from the shop, zombies will start dropping that weapon, which makes life much easier. Save your grenades for large zombies.

GTA: Crime City

  • Game: Racer Chaser
  • Description: Clear all 3 cities in Racer Chaser
  • How to earn: Pick up all the cash on each of the three stages.
  • Advice: As much as it sounds like you have to complete three stages back-to-back, the game actually tracks this achievement by each individual stage and they are not played in the same order. If you clear a specific map, make note if it’s the stormy city, daytime city or night time city. You can always back out of the game and go back in to start your game over again if you need a specific map.

Hammer time

  • Game: Thump-a-gopher
  • Description: Thump 333 Gophers
  • How to earn: Once you buy the whack-a-mole style game, you have to hit 333 gophers.
  • Advice: You get a little more time for hitting gophers and lose time when you hit Woodguy.


  • Game: Gravichase
  • Description: 62 69 74 2e 6c 79 2f 49 71 54 36 7a 74
  • How to earn: Reach a score of 66 in Gravichase.
  • Advice: Focus on getting your ship pointed in the right direction. The game warps and twists the graphics, so don’t lose focus.

Intergalactic, planetary, planetary…

  • Game: Bugai
  • Description: Visit all of the tourist destinations in Bugai
  • How to earn: You will need to complete all 16 levels to earn this achievement.
  • Advice: You don’t have to complete all 16 in one go. Focus on making clusters of balls to drop and send the extras to your opponent.

It’s a horror game

  • Game: Line Terror
  • Description: Pass level 3 of Line Terror
  • How to earn: Complete the first three levels of the game. To complete a level, you will draw boxes on the screen with your box to gray out parts of the map. Stage one requires 60% of the map to be filled. Stage two is 65% and stage three is 70%.
  • Advice: Draw small boxes to create traps for the bouncing line. When you complete a section of the board, wherever the bouncing line is at will not be grayed out. If you can trap the bouncing line in a corner of the map, you can complete the level faster. Also, watch out for the sparks going around the board. They will sometimes change directions unexpectedly.

Modern Gorefare

  • Game: Zombat 2
  • Description: Kill 99 Zombies with each weapon in Zombat 2
  • How to earn: Purchase each gun from the shop and kill 99 zombies with it.
  • Advice: Focus on earning enough coins to buy each gun once. Once you buy it, it will remain unlocked for all future games and zombies will drop them. When you die, you can see your progress on the body count screen to see which weapons you are missing the needed body count.

Once upon a slime

  • Game: Slime Pipes
  • Description: Unlock endless mode in Slime Pipes
  • How to earn: Each stage of this game is a pre-made puzzle where you have to get the slime from the start point to the reservoirs without any slime leaking out of the pipes. You’ll need to complete all 24 stages to unlock endless mode and to earn this achievement.
  • Advice: Each stage stays the same, so you can take a screenshot if you get stuck on a stage to figure out the pattern before attempting it under a time limit.

Pimp My Ride

  • Game: Spacerace
  • Description: Fully upgrade your craft in Spacerace
  • How to earn: As you play this game, you will see wrench coins on the track. Pick up as many as you can. Once you run out of time, you will be given the chance to spend them on upgrades to your top speed, acceleration, boost and grab distance for the wrench coins.
  • Advice: The track has different sections. It starts in the basic tropical section and ends in a nighttime cityscape where the track is red. Once you reach that area, you will pass the starting gate and you’ll run the same track again. The coins will not regenerate, so you will only be picking up wrench coins you missed on the first pass. Stop moving, spend your coins and start over. Also, using your boost uses your wrench coins, so use your booster sparingly.

Rhythm is a dancer

  • Game: Cyber Dance
  • Description: Clear any song with a perfect score on Cyber Dance
  • How to earn: Complete a song without missing a beat.
  • Advice: The description is a little misleading. You do not have to get perfect on every beat, but just can’t completely miss a beat. Find a song you like of the three available and try to memorize the patterns.


  • Game: Solitaire
  • Description: Complete a game of Solitaire
  • How to earn: Play and win a game of solitaire on your computer.
  • Advice: You will need to purchase the “Idiot’s Guide to Personal Computing” upgrade for £90. That will create a shortcut on the desktop where you can play various games. You will need to get all 52 cards up to the top of the screen to win. Focus on flipping cards in the play area.

We come in peace

  • Game: UFO Assault
  • Description: Land the plane 9 times in UFO Assault
  • How to earn: Destroy all the buildings on the map on each stage and let the plane land.
  • Advice: Like other games, you do not have to do this all in one run. Focus on taking out the tallest buildings first and be mindful of your timing. You can only drop one bomb at a time.

You Spin Me Round

  • Game: Attack Vector
  • Description: Summon Woodguy Jr in Attack Vector
  • How to earn: Spin your top in one direction as fast as you can. After three or four revolutions, Woodguy will show up on your screen and give you the achievement.
  • Advice: Do this as soon as the game starts, before the helicopters start showing up. Don’t worry about shooting as that will slow your spinning down.

Grind Achievements

As the header suggests, all achievements in this area are tied to meeting an overarching goal that may take several in-game days to accomplish.

Ahoy Hoy

  • Description: Listen to 10 messages on the answer machine
  • How to earn: In your office, there is an answering machine. You can push the arrows to replay the voicemails your dad left you. Listen to a message 10 times or to 10 different messages to earn this achievement.

Another all nighter?

  • Description: Pass out in the arcade 10 times
  • How to earn: Stay past closing and do not play a game. Just stand around and do nothing and you will eventually fall asleep.
  • Advice: Make sure to fall asleep once in the bathroom to earn another achievement.

Clean up on Aisle 9

  • Description: Bin 250 pieces of trash.
  • How to earn: Pick up a total of 250 pieces of trash. This will take several in-game days.

Fresh Prince of Grindstone

  • Description: Purchase all personal upgrades
  • How to earn: At a certain point in the game, you will be given three daily tasks for you to compete. When you complete the tasks, it will give you Pounds (£) to buy upgrades. You will earn this once you buy all upgrades from your computer.
  • Advice: Depending on your playstyle, there are several upgrades that you should buy first and several to save for last. Here’s my list.
    Best upgrades: Assistant Manager’s Assistant, Beginner’s Guide to Space and Time, Garbage bags.
    Worst upgrades: Gold watch, trendy pair of glasses


  • Description: Complete 10 goals
  • How to earn: Complete 10 different goals across all arcade machines.


  • Description: Complete 30 goals
  • How to earn: Similar to “Goal”, but 30 this time.


  • Description: Complete 60 goals
  • How to earn: Similar to “GOOOAAAL”, but 60 this time.

Hidden Packages

  • Description: Find and remove 100 pieces of gum
  • How to earn: Look high and low for gum. You can typically find two or three each day. It takes at least two pulls to remove the gum and will show you how many you have found after each one.

I ran the numbers

  • Description: Have a daily income of over 2500
  • How to earn: Keep playing games, keep increasing your reputation and eventually this one will happen.

Machine Maxed

  • Description: complete all goals on a machine
  • How to earn: As the description states, you will need to complete all the goals on one machine.

Many Machines Maxed

  • Description: complete all goals on 15 machines
  • How to earn: Each machine will have different goals to complete to boost its revenue. You will need to complete all the goals on 15 machines to earn this achievement. You can count on your PDA how many you have completed, but there is no in-game counter that does it for you. You’ll need to open each game individually.

Nose to the Grindstone

  • Description: Complete all objectives for 3 days running
  • How to earn: Once you unlock the to-do list, complete all three items three days in a row to earn this achievement.
  • – Advice: I had some issues getting this one. Try and do this in one play setting as it doesn’t seem to track your days completed if you save and quit between days.

Sonically Youthful

  • Description: Unlock and listen to all the songs on the jukebox
  • How to earn: Purchase all the tracks from your computer and play them all on your jukebox.
  • – Advice: At the time of writing, you only have to play the first second of each song for it to track that you have listened to the song. You could spend all of your pounds to buy all the tracks, then scroll through the playlist and play each one once to earn this achievement.


  • Description: Get 3 consecutive S-Ranks throwing garbage into the dumpster
  • How to earn: Fill up your garbage bag, take it to the dumpster and time the throw bar with the end of the gauge three times in a row.

Taking the plunge

  • Description: Inflict 5000 damage on the toilet
  • How to earn: Clear the toilet several times.
  • Advice: Move the plunger around until you see a yellow box surround the “plunge” action. That means you’re going to do the most amount of damage each plunge there, which is 100 per. This will take several clearings.

To do. Done!

  • Description: Complete 99 to do list items
  • How to earn: Similar to “GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL!!!!”, but 99 this time.

True Capitalist

  • Description: $250,000 in the safe
  • How to earn: As the description states, you have to have a quarter million saved up in your bank account.
  • Advice: Once you purchase the upgrade “assistant manager’s assistant”, your coin hoppers will automatically be emptied into your safe. Once you finish upgrading your building and buy all the arcade machines, there is nothing else you can spend your money on, so if you are doing a 100% run, this will happen eventually. If this is your last achievement, start your day and let the money roll in.

Miscellaneous Achievements

These achievements are tied to doing other actions within the game. Generally, these achievements might be hidden or have you do something outside of normal gameplay.

Bug Fixer

  • Description: Debug an Arcade Machine
  • How to earn: Eventually a machine will break on you. You can tell which one it is by both a pop up with the title and the screen being black with green hexadecimal code. Interact with the broken machine and flick the bugs from the motherboard.
  • Advice: When flicking bugs, wait for a second ring to show up before clicking to flick. It doesn’t hurt to rapid click, but it sometimes makes it go slower.

Imanok code

  • Description: “…You Knew? How did you know that?!”
  • How to earn: On the title screen, enter the Konami code of Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. If you did it correctly, a golden washing machine icon will show on the main menu. You will have to start the game and be in your arcade for the achievement to show up.

Jimmy Goldman Would be Proud

  • Description: Set all machines to max price per play
  • How to earn: In your PDA, set each machine to the maximum price possible.
  • Advice: Do this early when you have very few machines. If you wait to do this, you will have to set the price for 30+ machines, so best to do it when you only have three or four machines.

Smells like teen spirit

  • Description: Pass out in the toilet
  • How to earn: In order to fall asleep at the arcade, you have to stay at the arcade past the “go home” message and not be playing a game. For this one, you have to be located in the bathroom.
  • Advice: The “another all nighter?” achievement requires you to fall asleep 10 times at the arcade. Try and get this done early on so you don’t have to fall asleep 11 times.

Video killed the radio star

  • Description: Unlock and use the NTV Player
  • How to earn: After you complete the game, there will be a new icon on your computer. It will let you re-watch the music video played at the end of the game. Interact with your computer and watch the video until the achievement is granted.

Your Bloody Valentine

  • Description: After upgrading footwear and glasses stare, zoomed in at the floor for 3 seconds
  • How to earn: Purchase both the sneakers and the trendy pair of glasses upgrades. Once you have both, look down, use the zoom in button until the achievement shows up.

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