Slayers X – Tips for the Final Boss

How to Slay the Final Boss

Break his armour and then use hackblood gathered from the trees on the level to shoot the beams at him, you can gather a little from the blasts he sends out too but don’t rely on it too much with the low health.

The way I did it was once he’s head mode I retreat to the sloppos truck, fight him for a bit, then once all the hackblood is gone I retreat to the truck with the triple rocket ammo in it, blow up some of the walls and then it’s just a case of using your resources until he’s dead.

You can hide in the back most container on the truck to avoid the terd rockets, he’s vulnerable for a bit before and after the terd rocket attack too, this is a good time to use triple rockets on him, I kept getting him super close for a while and struggled too, it’s just a matter of survival.

For me it was accepting that you’re gonna need to use the slow rockets on him, I saved those for last to be honest since the self damage can be a liability too, moving slow back through the level should get you about 1 and a half to 2 hackblood charges to use on him too, I managed it on inzane so I believe in you!

(Don’t really know the difference between true gamer and inzane), one last tip, falling onto the road doesn’t actually do much damage to you, so if he’s blasted the cars, you can still head BACK through the level pretty easily by bouncing off the road and using the miniguns glide, I ususally did this to get on Mevins truck from the sloppo truck.

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