Street Fighter 6 – Tips for Playing against Ken

How to Counter Ken

He gets mixups on ken kick cancels in strings so you want to DI when he wants to mixup and block and take turns when he doesn’t. Time to guess.

You are expected to react to heavy dragon kick because it’s plus OB and gets him in full screen. Either a DI or perfect parry works.

All shotos have to be wary of crouching medium kick xx hadouken now because this also loses to DI. If they don’t cancel though they can react.

Ken’s fireball is slower than the ‘good’ fireballs so it’s easier to go through it with a DI as well.

Note: He’s always either punishable or his turn ends. Go into training mode and see what you can punish. Then once you show him that he can’t get away with unsafe stuff try to not let him rush you down. Stop jumps and prevent him from dashing/running at you mindlessly.

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