Smithworks – Ladder for Leather (Village)

A guide on how to place your ladder in Village to optimize time for the leather worker so that you can Dream Speedrun your village levels and get your Expert badge easily. This placement works well for party, duo and solo. This placement does involve using a bug with the physics engine.

How to Place Ladder in Village

Getting the Furniture

The furniture you will need are:

  • 2 Barrels
  • 1 Ladder (duh)
  • 1 Chair

Here are all the items you will need.

Here is where you can find the item around the map:


The barrels can be easily be found at the outdoor area, near the tanning racks.


The ladder can be found in the smelting room, right of the furnace, under the staircase.


The chair can be found by the front desk where the customers ordering will be at.

Setting Up & Using It

Stacking The Barrels

You will need to place your barrels in front of doorway of the smelting and outdoor rooms. The barrels should be near the doorway, but not too near.

This is where I generally place my barrels:

The placement of the first barrel.

The placement of the second barrel.

Stacking the ladder

For the ladder, you will need to stack it on top of the two barrels. The easiest way to do this is to stand behind the barrels, facing the doorway. Afterwards, jump and at the top of your jump, press right-click to drop the ladder. The ladder should be now on the barrels, and is leaning on the wall of the building.

Here is how you should look like when you jump to place your ladder.

This is how your ladder should look after placing it on the barrels.

Glitching the ladder

Now, the ladder will need to be fixed so as to not move when climbing or jump on it. The way I found to be most consistent is to run into the barrels to break it. Generally, just take a few steps back and charge, head-first, into the barrels to break it to wooden pieces.

This is how your ladder should look like after breaking the barrels.

If the ladder falls down, try again until the ladder is glitched. More barrels can be found scattered across the map which will last you for 7-8 attempts.

Placing the chair

The chair will be used as a ramp to get up onto the ladder as it is too high to jump normally. To place the chair, stand a few steps in front of the ladder, face the outdoor area, look down, and press right-click to drop the chair. The chair should be point up towards the ladder.

This is how everything should look like.

By the way, you do not need to use a chair, anything can be used as all it needs to do is provide a platform to jump onto the ladder. However, I found chairs to be the best as you can use it as a ramp.

Using it

The way to use it is to walk up the chair and sprint jump (jumping then press shift to sprint) off it, onto the ladder. Disclaimer, do not sprint on the chair as this will break it. Once on the ladder, spam jump to climb up it and you should end up at the window, near the leather-work station.

For using it to get down, just jump off the window and land on the ladder. So far, I have not seen a ladder been broken, you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Just be careful to not land too low on the ladder as it can cause you to die to fall damage. Generally, land around the mid-section and run down the ladder.

Here is me using the ladder.

Final Remarks

Like I said in the description, this is a bug that relies on the physics engine of the game. Sooner or later, there will be a patch that will remove this bug from the game. But until then, feel free to use this ladder placement.


After experimenting, you can use this bug to make anything you want float. It works on any map that has any breakable objects. However, I found it to be most consistent with barrels.

Here is a compilation of me making random things float:

Written by Zay3

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