Sniper Elite 5 – How to Dominate as Axis (Invasion Mode)

Although this game is so far heavily invader favored, I still decided to make a guide how to improve the chance to win as Axis even further. I played both as invader and as allied in authentic with invasion on. Here are some tipps for the invaders to make other people’s life even harder!

Guide to Dominate as Axis


Loadout doesn’t really matter much in my opinion since reconnaissance is the key here. With that being said, I recommend G43 as the main rifle since it’s the best gun in terms of midrange accuracy, shooting speed, recoil and damage.

You won’t shoot if you don’t have a clear line of sight and vice versa. Therefore, I would sacrifice the reload speed, stability and sound to make the weapon faster and your movement speed faster as well. But it’s up to you how to upgrade your weapons.

Use any SMG you feel comfortable with. All of the SMG’s are pretty solid in my opinion.

Map Control and Movement

Always keep aware of your surroundings once you spawned. If you are safe, rotate from base to base and mark the german soldiers.

You don’t need to be actually in the base and don’t need to mark them all. Usually marking one of them that guards the watch tower is fine. In this way, you can track the bases on your map without being physically in there. Keep in mind to mark with your binocular, the rifle scop marking doesn’t last long.

Also, keep track about the objective of your enemy and avoid go to the bases where they already are. Here is an example of the first mission where they already finished one of their main missions.

Scouting and Combat

Midrange combat

Once you have an idea where they are, don’t scout with your rifle scope. It will give away your position like the in-game sniper does. Instead, either stay in cover and use the 3rd person camera or peak with your binocular and arch rotate.

Keep track of your minimap about the remaining german soldiers and be careful if there is none remaining!

Keep track of gunfire as well, even supressed guns can be heared if you pay attention closely!

Try to actively engage the allied in a close quarter combat instead of croutch waking. They will have focus (or are actually good in this game if they play on authentic) and can locate you anyway.

Know your enemy and the difficulty they are play on!

At the loading screen, you can see the difficulty they are playing on.

If you are in game, press ESC button to see how many allies you are fighting against and which rank they are.

Keep track of remaining soldiers on your minimap!

If you see that soldiers on the minimap missing or turning red, be cautious. Especially against stealthy players, you need to be on guard and predict their approximated position that way.

On this example, you can see that few soldiers are already missing. Be aware of any silenced gun shots and be very cautious!

Have fun by making other player’s life more difficult

It is fun to be a jerk and ruin other player’s campaign. If you have any other tipps you wanna share, feel free to comment it. I wish all of you guys happy hunting!

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