SnowRunner – Off-Road Truck Tips (ANK MK38 Civilian and International Paystar 5070)

Tips to Off-Road Trucks

The ANK Mk38 is easily accessible and performs well off-road, but be mindful of its height because it has a high center of gravity, it’s fast, and it can get a bit unstable when it sways sideways. If you’re going to tilt it, try to take it slowly. I don’t recommend you go fast with this one unless you’re moving in a straight line.

The Paystar 5070 is slower than the ANK, but more fuel efficient and also more stable.

Both trucks can be set up with specialized off-road and mud tires, both in dual rear and single rear configuration. I personally would pick the 5070 because I don’t need the ANK’s speed and I value the 5070’s enhanced stability and fuel efficiency over the ANK’s speed, although I think you can get more ground clearance from the latter.

Word of warning to you, though: these trucks do perform well in off-road, but they are not meant to carry heavy loads onto their frames. If you need to use them to move anything heavy (like logs, concrete slabs, and so on), put the heavy cargo on a trailer and take the weight off the truck.

If you find yourself flipping the ANK a lot or if you want better lateral sway control and safer turning at higher speeds, set up the trucks with dual rear wheels instead of single rear wheels.

Another thing to note is that the ANK has always on AWD and differential locks, whereas these functions can be toggled on/off on the 5070.

ANK 38C can use bigger tires (51” vs 46”) and can used balloon muds, which can be quite decent option. On the other hand – 5070 is way more lfexible in terms of addons. ANK can only fit fuel/water tank, maint. and low/high saddles. Whilst 5070 can do-it-all, from flatbed (with crane and trailer combo) to long logs haul, metal detecting and so forth. It also have slightly bigger tank which adds to it’s endurance.

On a side note: true off-road truck is not really a must in Michigan. Heavy Duty on offroad tires with AWD and Diff.Lock will handle entire region without too much hassle.

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