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SnowRunner - Transport Logs Secret (One Trip)

Written by PowerZiege   /   Updated: May 28, 2021    

The dirty little secret of transporting all the logs in one go.

Guide to Transport Logs

TL:DR - Screenshots Below

  • Load Truck using manual loading and logging-crane.
  • 3 logs = delivery-unit. Need to deliver "3x medium/long Logs" --> Load 9 single logs.
  • Dont use "pack cargo" option.
  • Drive to destination carefully.
  • Unload logs onto ground/intermediate storage until only three logs remain on trailer.
  • Now use "pack cargo" --> three logs will form one delivery unit.
  • Deliver.
  • Load next 3 logs from intermediate storage.
  • Repeat from point 5.

Step by Step


  • Go to logging camp. Be sure to bring a crane for manual loading!
  • For long logs i had to use a second truck for the crane, but for medium logs you can get it done with only a single truck (Screenshot in the end).
  • Load the first delivery-unit on your trailer and use "unpack cargo" - you now should have the first three single logs proper loaded.


  • Use the crane and manual loading to get more logs onto your truck.
  • Every 3 single logs will form a delivery-unit.
  • I needed to deliver 3x long logs, so i loaded 9 single logs onto the trailer.
  • Dont use "pack cargo" option - just go with it the way it is.

  • You probably have to drive carefully and, dependant on the trerrain, might need to correct the loading with the crane on the go...but it actually works pretty well (besides some enormous health risks for the driver).


  • Unload everything but 3 logs into a "intermediate storage" using the crane again. With the remaining 3 logs now use "pack cargo" and deliver.
  • Then go to your storage again and load the next three logs - repeat.


  • You've done it!
  • All the logs in one trip!
  • Works with long logs as well as with medium logs.
  • Then just a single truck is needed with this configuration:

Final Thoughts

Maybe not the fastest method but satisfying not to have to drive the same delivery over and over again. Overall speed depends on route-length and individual skill with the crane. + somewhat exploiting a game-mechanic...

Written by PowerZiege.

Game:   SnowRunner