Sokpop S06: Sunset Kingdom – General Guide and Achievements

Is your kingdom starving? Then this is the guide for you. Some general guidance on how to get ontop of your early game and setup for the long term.

Guide to Basics and Achievements

Getting Started – Setting Up Food Production

When you start a new game, you have a town of 10 people and time is already running ahead with no pause button.

Start off by clicking the town, then the people tab and allocating everyone as a builder.

Build two bits of road.

At the end of each bit of road build a farm.

Hovering the mouse over them will show how close to completion they are.

As they get close to finishing go back to your town and change 4 people from builders to farmers.

Congratulations, this should be sufficient food production for this town.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You start the game with a enough resources to get you started, for future towns you must ensure you have sufficient resources before you start building.
  • Make sure to build everything within a few road connections of your town, as people will not travel too far for work.

Getting Started – Setting Up Resource Gathering

Once your food is under control you are going to want to start bringing in Wood and Stone (stone has a change of bringing in Ore). These are needed to build everything else in the game, whether directly or indirectly when you need planks and ore later in the game.

For your first town, build two new roads, one must be onto general soil as it’s it for the mine, while the other needs to be onto the green forest soil as it’s for your woodcutter.

Make sure you have a few people working as builders. To optimise your building do one at a time.

Start by putting down a Woodcutter, once it is near complete allocate two people away from builders to woodcutters.

Once this is built, up and running start work on the Mine over on the regular soil. Again, make sure you have some builders allocated and remember once finished to swap 2 of them two miners.

At this stage you should have 1 town of 10 residents with:

  • 2 farms, (4 people).
  • 1 woodcutter (2 people).
  • 1 Mine (2 people).

This leaves you with another 2 residents to do as you wish with. If you are concerned about food production, build another farm or a fishing pier.

If you are aiming for alot of late game constructions build a second mine instead.

As ever, once the building is finished make sure to reallocate people to work on it in the town tab.


At the start of each moon cycle (month) every towns hunger meter goes back up to full. This goes when there is enough food for each resident in turn until it is fully depleted. If the town remains starving for a while there is a change your people will die off, which can make a bad situation worse.

The calculation is simple but not immediately obvious:

  • Town has 10 people.
  • Rations are set to 5 each by default.
  • 10 * 5 = 50 rations.
  • As such, it will take 50 rations to empty your towns hunger meter.

So, at the beginning of a month you may see the little “starving” phrase above your towns; don’t worry, as long as there if a working farm or fishery near by this will go down over the month.

If your people start to die from starvation, make sure that it wasn’t your farmers / fishermen that died by checking the allocation tab. Reallocate other resource gathering roles to food production if this occurs.

You may notice in the trade tab that food is set to automatically be traded between towns as needed.

For adjacent towns this generally works very well, however the further away your towns are, do not rely on them being able to get enough food before month end.

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  1. Thanks for the guide! Super helpful to figuring out the balance of food production and building.

    One thing i figured out the hard way is that the “Revolution” achievement is based on “game time” and not real time. This seems obvious now but i did a play through on full speed and was confused when i didn’t get it. My suggestion is start off at normal speed, get everything up and running, and then use the space bar to speedup/slow down when youre waiting on resources, etc.


  2. hi, great guide. you know how i can use the defens towers in the most optimum way. the first town is imposible to defend.

    • Defence towers just reduce the chance of bandits appearing they don’t defend against vikings. You need to build a castle, set nearby towns to have 5 villagers work as knights (each town needs a blacksmith to make knights, these then work in that castle, once your castle has knights you need to set their rally point (Flag icon at the bottom of your screen) near invaders.
      As yet untested if having extra knights in a town help defend it, though I’m pretty sure knights only “work” in castles.

      Alternatively, if you just want to better use defence towers to stop bandits, I’m still exploring options. But bandits seem to appear less often if tax is lower which can help. Generally I try to put a tower on any major intersection, within 1 / 2 road sections of multiple industries.

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