Sokpop S10: Pocket Watch – 100% Achievement Guide

Welcome to the 100% achievement guide for Sokpop’s Pocket Watch, sit back and relive your everyday like the last with this cozy and cute game.


Hello there dear reader. Like I said before, welcome to the 100% achievement guide for Sokpop’s Pocket Watch. I’ve set up the guide in three sections depending on what kind of achievements they are: gameplay achievements, collectathon achievements, and endings achievements. If you are looking for a particular achievement, keep scrolling! Below there will be spoilers for the game, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, you can always read this guide later. You have been warned! Without further or do, I hope you enjoy!

Gameplay Achievements

Out of the 12 achievements, half of them are related to the gameplay.

A je ho! This one is pretty easy, you have to wait until it becomes high tide so you can swim over to the storage island to get the wrench. Then wait again until it becomes low tide so that you can interact with the boat to fix it. Don’t forget to put the boat part on the boat before you take a wrench to it!

A Strange Watch This one is also pretty easy too. Once you get the pocket watch at the auction before the volcano erupts, there is a cut-scene where the pocket watch shakes. You can also trigger this yourself if you have the pocket watch in your inventory by hitting the “x” key (default button for interaction). You will be sent back to the beginning of the day. Congrats on your first timeloop!

You’re Hired! To get hired you need two things, the snake’s fez hat and a broom. You would need to get the hat first, and with that, it is not too bad. First you need to talk to the snake when they are on break. You will see them sitting outside to the left of the hotel. After talking to them you would know to meet them at the bar later on that night. Once you meet up again, you can talk to them, and after listening to them, you will get the fez hat after they quit. In the next timeloop you would need to wear the fez hat and grab the broom over by the auction area where the fox sleeps. Then simply walk into the hotel, ring the bell, and boom! You get the job! This is important so you can grab the invitation to the club.

Frogs Rock! To order to get the password, you have to get into the club. First you need to get the invitation, which means you have to get a job at the hotel. I explained how to do that with the achievement above. After that, make sure you are wearing something fancy; you can do this with the top hat in the shop, or with the fez hat. Show off your invitation to the bouncer and congrats, you are inside. Make sure that this is the same timeloop where you grabbed the invite, if you don’t then the rich frog that you stole it from can still get into the club. To get this achievement, the rich frog has to not show up to the club. If you grabbed the invitation from a previous timeloop, you still have it in your inventory, but the rich frog will still have their copy. If that is the case with you, just go back to the hotel and take it again. Continuing on, stay a while in the club and sit on the chair on the second floor and wait for another frog to show up. By 7 pm, you can talk to him about the gems and you will get the password to enter the secret club!

Hot Duck This one is not as bad as the statistics for this achievement seems. First things first, you have to go to the left side of the mainland past the gate. You can do this through two ways. Go through the secret club or hop around the little chest island and swim your way around to the staircase around the gate. If you are going through the second way, I would recommend that you get the broken umbrella to give you some airborne time, and for it to be high tide so that you can jump up to the stairs. No matter how you go to the other side, once you are there, you can just hop on some dark red rocks just above the lake, hop over the gap to go to the main base of the volcano. Keep jumping on the next platforms, and once you climb to the top, just jump in. Don’t worry, the day will not restart once you do this!

Speedrun As someone who does not speedrun to save their life, this speedrun achievement is not as bad to causally pull off. There are a few tricks you need to pull, but there will be enough time for you to do it. The top person on, seckswrecks, holds the record (as I write this) at 5 minutes and 4 seconds. That is half the time that this achievement allows you to do! When I got this achievement, I clocked in at 7 minutes and 31 seconds. If I could do it, you can do it too reader, I believe in you! To do this achievement you need a fresh save, you can delete your old one in the settings. If you don’t then the time will add to your old save. I would also recommend that if you haven’t completed the rest of the achievements that you would do that before attempting this. Details on how to do this achievement will be in the next section.

The Speedrun Walkthough

To walk you through what you would need to do to get this achievement

  • Wake up in bed, and then immediately go back to sleep until 2 pm. You don’t sleep all the way because of the earthquake. Quickly, leave the house and jump your way onto the little islands to the left of the house, and onto the boat. This is a time sensitive part of the run, if you miss the boat you have to restart! I hope you don’t get too frustrated, this is the only real time sensitive part of the whole speedrun. The rest you can take your time (within reason of course)!
  • Hop off the boat and make your way to where the main gate is. Walk up between the banana tree and the rocky wall. Keep holding the up key, and tap to the right using the right key. Do not jump! It will not work if you jump. Keep tapping while holding the up arrow key until you are “stuck” between the wall and the stump. You can stop holding the up arrow key now. Hold the left arrow key while spamming “z” to jump on the rocky wall. From here, make your way to the side of the mayor’s office and throw out the stack of papers. Talk to them, and afterwards you can tell the gatekeeper to open the gate.
  • Next, make your way to the umbrella services. Normally you would need to find three coins to use their services, but think again! You don’t need to. Once you go inside, go to the right side of the desk and jump on it. Walk across to the left side and hop towards the back of the room. This might take a few times, but if you do it right you will be floating on air! It’s odd, but congrats you are doing it. Make your way to the right of the room (still above the desk area where the elephant is) and you will be out on the balcony at the beginning of the umbrella course. Go back inside, and you will see that you are on the second floor. Grab the broken umbrella and make your escape outside to the mainland.
  • Once you get the broken umbrella, go to the left corner of the blue building (the bar); you should be behind the building. Now, jump! Keep jumping until you are on the roof of the bar. Do this again with the right corner of the red building (shop/inn) until you are on top of the roof. Walk off the edge and land on the little balcony of the shop. You can walk inside and get the first gem! You have to collect them all for this speedrun.
  • Now make your great escape! Jump off the balcony on your left and onto the barrel. Congrats, you are over the wall. If you mess this up, don’t worry–you opened the gate earlier. Make your way up to where the octopus is and talk to them. You will receive a broken sail. Make your way to the repair shop, hold on to your new sail and ring the bell. Funny enough, the game will give you a coin pouch and repair your umbrella in the same interaction. Don’t worry about the coin pouch, you will not need it for this speedrun.
  • Make your way to the east island to get the second gem! You have to do the same glitch again for getting the umbrella once you make your way inside the umbrella services. This time you have your fixed umbrella so you can clear the course and get the second gem. Once you get it, start making your way back to the mainland by clearing the rest of the course, and once on shore, hop over the wall behind the auction area.
  • On the left side of the mainland (past the gate), you have to make your way up to the top. To do this, just walk along the edge of the island until you are on the leftmost side of the base of the hill. If it is low tide this will be clear as day, if not, as long as it is not high tide you will be fine. There will be a platform just behind the base of the hilly part of the island. As you walk right, you will disappear from view. Keep going until you find a room. You can go up the ladder, and now you are on top of the hill. Make your way to the lighthouse. Once you go up the ladder, you will find a chest. Inside is the third gem, congrats!
  • Don’t jump off the ledge yet! Pull out your umbrella, and then jump off, and go off to the left carefully until you land outside the little storage tower’s door. Go inside and get the crack! You will need this to open the dam to get the fourth gem! Put the crack into the hole next to the dam, and let it open. This will drain out the lake. If it is not already low tide, then you will have to sleep in the rabbit’s bed in the house just next door. Either way, when the lake is drained there will be a chest revealed. Open it up and there will be a shiny gem!
  • You are close to the end of the run! Now all you have to do is follow the frog rocks party up into the volcano. They will open up a door to get into the fort and go across the wooden bridge into the heart of the volcano. You can sit on the chair and wait as they dig up the last gem. Throw all the gem into the fiery pit below, and now, time stands still! Go up the little ladder to the right and meet the crow on top of the volcano to end your run.

Hopefully, if you do it correctly, your time should up under 10 minutes.

Collectathon Achievements

There are only 3 collectathon related achievements for the game. These achievements are Gem Found!, Moon Duck, and Completionist. One of them is for the gems, one is for the blue moons, and one is for the coins around the island.

Gem Found! If you read the speedrun walkthrough section, you have a rough idea on how to get the gems. For the normal way to get the gems, here is what you would need to do.

  • Red gem: Get onto the blue building’s roof (the bar) by hopping off of the roof of the club. Make sure you have an umbrella with you. Off of the roof, use your umbrella to make your way to the balcony of the shop/inn. Go inside and look in the chest, and boom, there is a gem!
  • Yellow gem: You have to go the east island on the right of the map. How you do this is to use the umbrella services. You need to find three coins around the island to pay for the fee. Once you do, you will find a broken umbrella. To fix it you need to get the broken sail. To get the broken sail you will need to talk to the octopus when they realize that their sail is broken. That can only happen if you meet up with the octopus in the lake on the left side of the mainland, past the gate. Going past the gate you would need to either a) go through the secret club (see the Frogs Rock achievement for more on that) or b) hop and swim around the little treasure island that is to the left of the secret club. Regardless on how you do it you would need to go to the rabbits house and talk to them. They will give you their appointment letter with the mayor at 2 pm. You can go back in time to go and speak to the mayor and let them allow you to open the gate. Finally, the gate will open and you can meet up with the octopus in the lake, and get the broken sail. You can fix your umbrella with the broken sail in the repair shop and have a functioning umbrella. From here you can get the rest of the gems since you will have an working umbrella and the main gate is open. For this gem, once you fixed your umbrella, you can go back to the elephant that runs the umbrella services and start the course. This is where you can get the gem and make your way back to the mainland.
  • Green gem: Assuming you opened the gate (if not, see above) you can make your way to the left storage tower just off the mainland. You would need to wait until it is high tide before swimming over to the little island. Once you are there you can go inside and hop your way to the top of the pile of stuff to get the crack. Simply walk out, swim your way back to the main part of the island and put the crack in the hole next to the dam. Open the dam and either wait for the lake to drain or sleep it off in the rabbit’s bed. When it is drained, it will reveal a hidden chest. Congrats, you found the green gem!
  • Pink gem: Assuming you opened the gate (if not, see the yellow gem section above on how to) this one is not that bad. Make your way along the shoreline up until you are along the base of the hill. If it is low tide, this is easy to spot, if not that is ok, it is still there. Hop up and to the right, keep going until you are inside the secret area. Take the ladder up, and now you are on top of the hill! Make your way to the lighthouse, go up another ladder and find the chest. Open it up, there is a gem waiting for you!
  • Blue gem: This one is the final gem. Funny enough the first time I played this game, this was the gem I got first, haha. To get this you would need to go to the heart of the volcano. You have to wait for the frogs rock party to unlock the fort door, and follow them across the wooden bridge to go inside the volcano. Wait inside as you watch them dig it up in front of you. You have all the gems now!

For the other two achievements in this section, “Moon Duck” and “Completionist”, I cannot do a better job than what Akhenz did for their guide on all the collectibles. Please check out their guide to figure out where the coins and the moons are. They have answered questions for coins that need further explanation, including some of mine, so I would highly recommend checking them out.

Ending Achievements

There are 3 ending to this game as you see below.

Too late… This is the easiest ending you can get in the game. To do this, you have to simply not get the pocket watch. At the end of the night, without the pocket watch, the volcano erupts and that is it. Once this happens, the game will restart, so if you are continuing to play it, you have to start from the beginning again.

Thank You, Duck This is the regular ending to this game. To get this you have to collect all 5 gems and sacrifice them in the volcano. When you do that, time stops and you meet the crow at the top of the volcano to end the game. If you need help finding the gems, please see the Collectathon section.

A New Home This one is the secret ending. To unlock this, you have to still collect the gems, but now you have to collect all 7 moons too. Once you do, you have to travel to the island offshore of the mainland. To do this, you have to open up the dam to the lake. There you would have to give the octopus that is on the boat a new sail. How to get a new sail is not as straightforward as it seems. First, you would need to get the map of the buried treasure that is on this mainland. To get this, you would have to trade a bottle of rum to the pirate parrot for a treasure map. This will make it clear where the marked spot is, it is above the lake! It is hard to miss once you have the map. Now you go and dig up the treasure, that is certainly worth 2,000 coins! Give this to the mayor’s secretary to buy the vacant house on the mainland, but before that, you have to cut off the phone line. Go to the start of the umbrella course and with a wrench (if you didn’t buy it off the dog, please do, it is only one coin), you can break the power line. When you do this and speak to the mayor’s secretary, they will ask you if you want to buy the house. Buy the house, and when you open it up, you will find a new sail! You can give this to the octopus, and they can sail you to the offshore island. On that island there is a stone you can interact with as long as you have all 7 moons. When you do that, it triggers the requirement for the secret ending! End the game like how you would in the achievement above. This will change the cut scene you will see at the end of the game!

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