Soul Hackers 2 – It Had to Be You Achievement Guide

A short step by step guide on how to get the “It Had to be You” achievement.

How to Obtain It Had to Be You Achievement

A Brief Explanation on This Achievement

What is this achievement and why is it so specific?

The achievement in Soul Hackers 2 named “It Had to be You”, requires you to fuse a pixie with the skill Megidolaon. The achievement itself is a long running joke in the SMT games and community about how powerful this starter demon actually can be.

This guide only requires 5 steps

My recommendation

I recommend you do this achievement only when you’ve completed most of the compendium. The highest level demon you need in order to get this achievement is level 60, and the costs for summoning demons can be quite expensive.

Step 1

Make sure you have the following demons ready for the fusion:


Jack Frost



Step 2

Fuse the Dakini with the Pazuzu to make a Baal. If you already have a Baal in your compendium, you do not need to fuse these two monsters.

Step 3

Now that you have your Baal, what you want to do is get him to level 63. This is where he unlocks the skill Megidolaon.

Step 4

Fuse your Baal with the Thoth to create a Lime Frost with Megiolaon.

Step 5

Fuse the Lime Frost with the regular Jack Frost. If you did all the steps correctly, then you should have fused a level 1 Pixie with the Megiolaon. And with that, you should have unlocked this achievement.

Youtube Video of the Guide

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