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Welcome to SoulForged, where a journey awaits, reserved solely for the bravest of souls.

Guide to Start

What is SoulForged?

SoulForged is a game where only the bravest of souls dare to venture. It immerses you in a world of awe-inspiring wonders, but alongside your journey, danger lurks in every corner of the vast expanse. You will encounter countless creatures, some harmless, while others have the power to bring your journey to a sudden end. However, within these perils lie opportunities for great discoveries, wealth, and knowledge, enabling you to better navigate and conquer the challenges that the world presents.

AP System

In SoulForged, the player’s AP (Action Point) bar plays a significant role in managing their actions throughout the game. The AP bar indicates the current amount of action points the player possesses at any given moment. Various actions within the game, including walking, gathering resources, and crafting, consume these action points.

To ensure a balanced gameplay experience, SoulForged incorporates a regeneration system for action points. Specifically, the player generates 15 AP every 15 minutes. This regeneration mechanic allows players to regain their action points over time, encouraging strategic decision-making and pacing in their actions.

Managing the AP bar becomes crucial as players need to consider the cost of each action and plan accordingly. They can choose to engage in activities that consume fewer action points or strategize by waiting for their AP to replenish before taking on more demanding tasks.

By implementing the AP regeneration system, SoulForged promotes a thoughtful approach to gameplay, balancing resource management with engaging in various in-game activities. It adds an element of time management and decision-making, making the journey through the game world more immersive and challenging for players.

Soul Vessel

In the immersive world of SoulForged, your character’s soul becomes intertwined with a vessel that ages with each passing day until the inevitable grasp of death claims it. From the tender age of 1 to the peak of 15, your vessel benefits from a skill multiplier buff, enhancing your character’s experience gains in various tasks such as pathfinding, gathering, and mining. This period marks a time of rapid growth and advancement.

Once your vessel reaches the age of 15, it is considered fully grown. The skill multiplier buff remains active until this stage, allowing your character to excel in their chosen endeavors, refining their skills and expanding their knowledge within the realm of SoulForged.

However, as the years accumulate and your vessel approaches its maximum age of 150, a debuff gradually takes effect, resulting in the reduction of your character’s stats. This debuff symbolizes the natural decline that accompanies advancing age, diminishing both physical and mental capabilities.

Though your vessel may face an early demise due to a deadly encounter or the relentless passage of time, hope springs eternal in SoulForged. In such instances, a new vessel emerges to house your soul, allowing for the preservation of knowledge and wisdom accumulated across each cycle. However, all previously gained stats are lost, necessitating the rebuilding of your character’s abilities and attributes.

With the cycle of life and death, SoulForged offers the opportunity for continual growth and reinvention. Each new vessel becomes a fresh canvas upon which your soul can leave its mark, utilizing the retained knowledge to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Embrace the ever-changing nature of existence in SoulForged, where the passage of time brings both adversity and hope, and the enduring spirit of your soul persists across the ages.


Northgate, a haven crafted by players within SoulForged, stands as a sanctuary amidst the perils of the world. It welcomes new souls seeking respite from the dangers that lurk beyond its protective walls. This town serves as a gathering place, where weary travelers can find solace and share their stories of past adventures—tales rich with glory and tales laced with terror.

Within the confines of Northgate, essential amenities await those who seek refuge. Gear, tools, and provisions are readily available, catering to the needs of the weary travelers. Whether one requires weapons for defense, tools for exploration, or sustenance to replenish their strength, Northgate provides the necessary resources to equip and sustain the brave souls who find solace within its walls.

The heart of Northgate lies in its vibrant community of local residents, each having taken up various professions to contribute to the town’s prosperity. Among the denizens, one can find skilled woodcutters, adept cooks, accomplished alchemists, skilled hunters, diligent farmers, and many more. These individuals lend their expertise and trade to support the town’s infrastructure, fostering an environment of self-sufficiency and collaboration.

Woodcutters ensure a steady supply of timber, essential for construction and crafting. Cooks prepare nourishing meals, invigorating the weary travelers and residents alike. Alchemists concoct potions and elixirs, providing remedies and buffs to aid adventurers on their quests. Hunters brave the wilderness to gather valuable resources and protect the town from menacing creatures. Farmers cultivate the land, yielding bountiful harvests to sustain the community.

Northgate stands as a testament to the power of collective effort and collaboration. It offers a place of safety, camaraderie, and the opportunity for souls to forge new beginnings. As the town thrives, its residents and visitors alike can rely on the diverse array of professions available within its walls.

Embark on your journey to Northgate, where the tales of the past intertwine with the promise of a brighter future, and where the bonds of community and the pursuit of knowledge and skills intertwine to create a thriving haven in the world of SoulForged.

In addition to Northgate, there are other noteworthy towns scattered throughout the vast world of SoulForged. Two such towns are New Sin City and Minehead, each offering a distinct atmosphere and catering to different adventurers’ preferences.

New Sin City, a town nestled in the far south within the murky swamplands, exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue. Its unique location amidst the dense swamp offers a haven for those seeking a different kind of adventure. Here, adventurers can delve into the depths of the swamp, navigating treacherous terrain and confronting formidable creatures. New Sin City provides an assortment of services and amenities tailored to the needs of those exploring this unforgiving and captivating environment.

On the other hand, Minehead resides in the eastern region, nestled near a quarry teeming with precious minerals and resources. This industrious town serves as a hub for mining enthusiasts and resource gatherers. Adventurers flock to Minehead to extract valuable ores, and other materials from the depths of the quarry. The town thrives on the mining industry, offering specialized tools, equipment, and expert guidance to those embarking on mining expeditions.

While Northgate, New Sin City, and Minehead are distinct in their settings and offerings, they all share the common goal of providing sanctuary and opportunities for growth to the souls brave enough to venture into their respective territories. Each town boasts its own unique charm, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its residents and visitors.

As you explore the expansive world of SoulForged, these towns stand as beacons of civilization amidst the untamed wilderness, beckoning adventurers with promises of safety, resources, and the chance to forge their own destinies.

Embark on your journey, and may the wonders of Northgate, New Sin City, Minehead, and countless other settlements captivate your soul within the immersive realm of SoulForged.

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