Trepang 2 – Efficient Achievement Guide

Hello! Tired of losing your mind hunting down every last morsel that we call foes, trying to pop each and every head that you see? Don’t worry, this will help you.

How to Obtain Efficient Achievement

Where to Go?

Once you are back at HQ, head over to the Combat Simulator and select a level. I would recommend Office Lanes if you’re looking for a close-quarters, get in & get out level. To save yourself further headaches and stress, you can achieve this on Easy difficulty. If you go any higher, that’s on you, but you also have a better tolerance to the challenge and have the right to say that I’m a filthy ♥♥♥ casual.

Another reason on why I would recommend Easy difficulty, is due to the fact that you’ll get your slow-motion ability fairly quickly, with the benefit that the enemies take all of their two brain cells to process that you are the menace that they are looking for.

What to Do

Before the round starts, you’ll have a few seconds to get ready. Look for a single, shining orb & get behind it. Aim a bit up, and you hopefully should be around the general area of that spawned enemies’ head. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it on your first time, this will take some practice.

With that, you’ll have half your slow-motion ability available. You can alternate with this and your transparent ability to get the one-up against the groups of enemies that will try to swarm you.

Once you feel more confident, take on bigger groups with the oncoming rounds.

Pro tip: Once you start to see them with helmets, that’s gg on the run. Restart the level, and take it from the top.

Some Advice

  • Make sure your mouse sensitivity is to your liking.
  • I have not attempted this with the laser sight on the pistol, so be aware if this has any influence to gaining the achievement.
  • If you are a reload-a-holic, break the habit this one time, so that you don’t ever have to do it ever again.
  • Don’t worry about ammo, you’ll be focused on what’s already in your current clip magazine.
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  1. Small tip, on some helmeted enemies (namely the SMG guys) you can actually hit them in the jaw for a headshot kill, same with Gas Mask helmets (most notably the anti-hack specialists you see in some side missions.) You’ll need to be accurate and will probably still miss due to accuracy spread, but it is possible.

    WITH THAT SAID, shotgunners and riflemen will have full-face helmets, which you will *have* to shoot off to get a headshot kill. If you have to kill one: kick him, grenade him, or use a different weapon. (I’ll double check, but I’m pretty sure the headshots don’t have to be all consecutive, just that all were scored without missing with the pistol.)

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