Space Station Tycoon – Basic Guide

This is an official guide about the basics of Space Station Tycoon.

Guide to Basics

Getting Started

Welcome, manager.

In this section you will learn about the fundamentals of building and managing your own space station empire.

Building A Station

While on the galaxy menu, click the “Build Button” on the lower right that looks like a hammer. From there, you can select the basic station and build it anywhere you want.

While picking a location for your station make sure that it is close to at least 2 or 3 points on the map. These points can be cities, hives, stars or anything in between.

Jumpgate Connections

After building your station you want to make sure that people can actually reach it. Your best bet to ensure that is the jumpgates.

Go to the galaxy map, select the build menu from the bottom right corner, and head over to the “Jumpgates” tab. There you will be greeted with some jumpgate options. If you are just starting out, your only choice will be the “Junk Jumper”, which is perfectly fine for the early game. Select it, and connect a nearby point of interest to your station.

If you are just starting a new game, building 2 or 3 connections is ideal. Any more than that would cost you too much of your starting funds, which you need for other things as well.

Early Buildings

If you are on the galaxy map, click on your space station to focus on it. Then select “Manage Station” to enter your station.

Click on the build button on the lower right corner to switch to the build mode. Click on the arrows next to your station to build some corridors. 2 corridors will be enough for now. A typical early station setup usually consists of 4 docking bays and 2 solar panels. After building these, make sure to connect the solar panels to the docking bays in the energy connection mode.

With this simple setup you will be able to attract some customers and refuel their ships to make some money.


Customers will come to your station in the form of ships. Ships usually need a docking bay, hangar, or any kind of building that lets them dock at your station. Each ship holds a number of visitors in them. If these visitors have any needs they want to satisfy, they will leave the ship and use your facilities. After their needs are met they will return to their ship and leave your station.

Customer Needs

Refueling ships won’t make your customers happy forever. After some time, your customers will start demanding more from your station. Soon they will want a place to eat, a place to drink, clinics to get treatments, and even arcades to have some fun. To know when to offer what kind of service, you should always check the “Visitors” section of the “Overview” panel, which can be accessed through the button that looks like a magnifying glass on the top of your screen.

Security and Danger

Managing a space station in the middle of nowhere is not an easy task. After time you’ll start to attract some bad fortune to your station. That’s why you need defenses. In the build menu you can head over to the security tab and build some fortifications. An early-game defensive setup might consist of 2 turrets and a weak shield generator.

Understanding Ideal Prices

As of 0.9, ideal prices of your facilities depend on employee perks.

Here is an example:

This large dock has 2 employees working in it. Many visitors have already complained that the prices are too high in this dock. The reason is that Samuel Anderson is a “loner”. That means he will bring the productivity and the quality of the place down if he is not alone. On top of that, James Smith is “lazy”. That means he will bring the prices down because he is not as efficient as the others.

If you go to your employee list, you can hover your mouse over these perks to read their description.

As a last example, here is a cheap and efficient worker setup:

Even though we have some pretty bad perks in this example as well, it won’t bring our prices down. Sensitive workers get a happiness debuff, while dumb employees are pricier to train.

Written by John Pilgrimson

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