The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Noise and Visibility Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Sovontor!

Please note the accuracy of the distances for these are not 100% confirmed, these are rough guidelines. Also note that different animals have better senses than others, and will spook from one thing easier than another.

Guide to Noise and Visibility


  • The lowest visibility, the very thin line “-” allows you to be perfectly hidden until an animal is within roughly 5M.
  • The next is the brighter thicker line “_”, this is roughly 10M.
  • The semi-circle will be about 25M.
  • The diamond is roughly 50-75M.
  • The full circle will be roughly about 100-150M or more – again, depends on the animal.


The sound bars increase by 10 for the white bars, and 50 for red bars, for example:

  • The single white bar is 10M.
  • Second white bar 20M.
  • Third is 30M.
  • A single red bar is 50M.
  • Two red bars is 100M.
  • Three red bars is 150M.
  • Placing tents, blinds, or stands will probably be around 200-300M.
  • And the ATV does roughly 300-500M.

Take this all with a grain of salt, there are no confirmed numbers for any of these, the game’s wiki has nothing on it for the estimated ranges, these numbers come from users rough estimates.

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