Spark the Electric Jester 3 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Hello and welcome to the achievement guide for Spark 3. The game features a total of 6 achievements ranging from difficulty based, score based and time based. This guide will explain each achievement and the ways to obtain them. Overall the achievements for this game aren’t terribly difficult but will take some time.

How to Obtain All Achievements


I would suggest on your first play through to just play and enjoy the game. After completing the game a new game plus option will open up which will let you start a new game but keep all your upgrades or you can simply change your difficulty settings to go back and clean up score and time challenge medals.

There are a few spoilers in this guide which you will see hidden so be aware before highlighting them.

Difficulty Based Achievements

World Liberated!

  • Beat the game

This achievement is pretty straight forward you will unlock this after completing the game on any difficulty.

Hard Jester

  • Beat the game on Hard Jester or above.

This is the first difficulty based achievement. To obtain this achievement finish the game on Hard Jester which can be selected at the start of the game or in new game plus.

Hardcore Jester

  • Beat the game on Hardcore Jester or above.

To obtain this achievement you will need to beat the game on Hardcore Jester. Hardcore Jester is much more difficult and will only provide you with 3 bars of life making it easier to die. Completing this will also unlock the achievement for Hard Jester if you haven’t done it already.

Challenge Jester

  • Beat the game on Challenge Jester.

To obtain this achievement you will need to complete the game on Challenge Jester difficulty. Challenge Jester difficulty is the most difficult challenge, you will only have 2 health points on this difficulty and it is very easy to die. This will not unlock any of the other difficulty achievements.

The easiest way to approach this achievement is to essentially speed through the stages as fast as you can avoiding as many enemies as possible. It would also be beneficial to unlock as many upgrades from Shopalos shop as it will make things much easier.

Overall it isn’t that hard but some of the boss fights will take some memorisation and precise timing to counter their attacks. Using Sfarks will make some of the combat easier as he does more damage and buying the Overcharge upgrade will give you a nice damage boost for a short period of time which really helps with the bosses.

Score and Time Based Achievements

Score Medal Collector

  • Collect a lot of score medals

To obtain this achievement you will need to complete all the score medal challenges in the game. This is a very easy achievement to obtain but a bit time consuming. The game gives you a generous amount of time in each level to complete this and there isn’t any that are really that difficult. You can check the total score needed for each stage by pressing start and looking in the bottom right corner.

The bottom right pause menu will show the requirements for the medals.

Make sure you are collecting bits, capsules, destroying enemies and destroying property (props throughout the level like containers, computers etc). All of these will increase your multiplier making your score increase significantly pretty quickly. You’ll have 10 minutes before it locks in your score and you should be able to finish the stage way before you even come close to hitting that mark.

You can check which stages are needed by selecting a level or after completing the game you’ll be given access to a list of stages to see your progress.

This image shows the stage select menu showing which score and time medals you’ve completed.

This game progress list will unlock after finishing the game you’ll be able to see all the stages and your progress

Speed Medal Collector

  • Collect a lot of speed medals

To obtain this medal you’ll need to complete all the time attack challenges throughout the stages. This one is the exact same as the score medals except you will need to finish the stages in a set amount of time. Much like the score medals you can pause the stage to see what the requirements for the gold and diamond medals are.

Most of these are fairly easy and I would suggest doing these after completing the game after you’ve purchased some upgrades to make things much easier. Shopalo will have a speed boost enhancement that is very helpful and using Sfarks will give you a speed boost as well as he is slightly faster. Overall this is harder than the score challenge but most stages are easily doable but there are a few that can be frustrating.

The best strategy for the harder stages is to go through at normal speed and see where you can find potential skips or shortcuts. The stages being fairly open give you some options as to where you can do boosts or skip slower parts by boosting around.

The bottom right pause menu will show the requirements for the medals.

This about wraps up this guide. Overall a fairly straight forward list of achievements that shouldn’t take you too long and is fairly forgiving. I hope this helped and good luck!.

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  1. what do you mean Challenge Jester achievement won’t unlock any other difficulty achievement?? if you beat the game on Challenge it’ll unlock all 4 of it… I can say because I’ve done it myself.

    • Strange I finished the game on Challenge Jester and nothing else unlocked. Could be a bug I know some achievements have been a bit wonky.

      • really strange o.o
        yea, these achievements are very wonky, I got ones for beating the game only on halfway of beating the game… maybe that’s the reason I got all of them, idk :b

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