Spidersaurs – 100% Full Achievement Guide

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How to Obtain All Achievements


This guide lists all Spidersaurs achievements, complete with their descriptions and a few tips and tricks for the most “difficult” ones. The game is quite short and easy (even at Rare difficulty), so you should be able to unlock all of them in just a few hours.

Requirements and General Info

The list is divided into two parts:

  • Campaign achievements can be unlocked by playing Story Mode and Arcade Mode (no achievements for Speedrun Mode).
  • Miscellaneous achievements can be unlocked by fulfilling specific requirements during games/levels.

Story Mode is the only playable mode at the beginning, the others are unlocked by completing it (at any difficulty). Even though most of the miscellaneous achievements can be unlocked from your very first playthrough, the campaign is so short that it’s probably better to play regularly at least once, before focusing on achievement hunting. Also, all achievements can be unlocked by playing at Well-Done difficulty, with the exception of InGest’s Finest.

Campaign Achievements

Jr. Intern

  • Complete the Tutorial

Complete Episode 0 in Story Mode at any difficulty.

Associate Intern

  • Complete Episode 1

Complete Episode 1 in Story Mode at any difficulty.

Sr. Associate Intern

  • Complete Episode 2

Complete Episode 2 in Story Mode at any difficulty.


  • Complete Episode 3

Complete Episode 3 in Story Mode at any difficulty.

Sr. Intern

  • Complete Episode 4

Complete Episode 4 in Story Mode at any difficulty.

Paid Intern

  • Complete Episode 5

Complete Episode 5 in Story Mode at any difficulty.

Part Timer

  • Complete the Game

Complete Story Mode at any difficulty.

InGest’s Finest

  • Achieve the True Ending

Complete Story Mode at Medium or Rare difficulty. Both difficulties feature a new short level and two additional boss fights.


  • Complete Arcade Mode

Complete Arcade Mode at any difficulty.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Powering Up

  • Stack a Weapon

Pick up a weapon you already carry, in order to unlock its upgraded version.

Dance Like you Want to Win

  • Defeat a Boss without getting hit

Defeat any boss without getting hit.

Light Snack

  • Find a Mini Meat

Pick up any healing item.

Necessity, Mother of Impressive

  • Defeat a Boss with the Lv1 Pea Shooter

Defeat any boss with the non-upgraded version of the initial weapon. You can unlock it by starting a new game and playing Episode 0 at Well-Done difficulty: if a weapon blocks your way, just wait a few seconds to make it disappear.

Dedication to a Fault

  • Use a single weapon for one entire stage

Use a single weapon for an entire stage. Switching between your held weapons or upgrading your weapon should be ok for the achievement as long as you don’t fire different weapons, but I’ve not verified this personally.

Star Cadet

  • Complete a Stage without dying

Complete any stage without losing lives.


  • Complete a stage without getting hit

Complete a stage without getting any hits. I don’t know if falling into pits invalidates the achievement, and it’s better to avoid falls anyway.

1 Shot Deputy

  • Complete the game without dying

Complete the whole game without losing lives. This achievement is easier than it seems, thanks to a little trick: in case you lose a life, you can exit to the main menu and load your saved game without invalidating the achievement. Playing at Well-Done difficulty is obviously recommended, since you also skip the two final bosses.

Stage Presence

  • Complete a stage without standing still

Complete any stage by continuing to move from start to finish. You can easily unlock it by playing Episode 0 at Well-Done difficulty: to defeat the boss, just stay in the lower duct and keep shooting diagonally while running left-right.


Thanks for reading this far, I really appreciate it!

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