The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – It Takes Three to Tango Quest Guide

It Takes Three to Tango – This is an additional quest in The Witcher 3, related to Geralt’s love line. Within this quest, two enchantresses (Triss and Yennefer) will promise the witcher an unforgettable night and unearthly pleasures. Next, I will tell you how to start the quest “It Takes Three to Tango” in The Witcher 3, passing and consequences.

How to Complete It Takes Three to Tango Quest


The quest “It Takes Three to Tango” in The Witcher 3 will begin after the battle in Kaer Morhen, when we will perform the story quest “Last Preparations”.

As part of the story mission, we have to find the missing witches and send Ciri to the Lodge to talk to the witches. When the girl comes out, Yen and Triss come up to us and start flirting openly. From that moment on, our quest “It Takes Three to Tango” begins.

The Conditions for Obtaining This Quest

This quest can be easily skipped. It appears only if Geralt confessed his love to two sorceresses at once – Yennefer and Triss. That is, initially you need to complete the following two additional quests:

  • “Now or never” – allows you to start a romance with Triss.
  • “Last wish” – allows you to start a relationship with Yennefer.

We can have an affair with Triss on our first visit to Novigrad. The main thing there is to help the wizards to leave the city and to reciprocate everything to the fiery beauty. The relationship with Yen can be started on Skellige. When we find out that Ciri is not there, the sorceress will ask for help in one case (to catch a genie).

“Now or never”

“Last wish”


Geralt notices the strange behavior of the girls. We ask any question. They will invite us to The Kingfisher Inn and ask us to bring more wine. Most likely by this point you have plenty of food and alcohol, so you can head straight to the tavern.

We get to The Kingfisher Inn, go up to the second floor and knock on the door of the room. There are half-naked Triss and Yennefer waiting there, and then you’ll find out for yourself…

Passing #2 (Spoilers Beware!)

The girls immediately begin to seduce the witch and put him on the bed, then handcuff Geralt to the bed and go to drink wine.

The sorceresses conspired and decided to teach the white wolf a lesson for taking advantage of both of them and not being able to make up his mind.

Geralt starts to resent them and demands that the shackles be removed, but Yen replies that this is what a lover should do. In the morning, Dandelion will set you free.


  1. In the “Blood and Wine” DLC, either Dandelion or Ciri will be coming to visit Corvo Bianco’s winery.
  2. If we try to chat with one of the girls, both of them won’t want to talk to us.
  3. Geralt will spend the rest of his journey as a true bachelor.
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