SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Guide to Adjusting the Graphics Quality/Vsync Fix

For those on PC who are suffering from technical issues or want to change your graphical settings, here is how you fix them.

How to Adjust Graphics Quality and Fix Vsync Issue

Graphics Quality Edit

  • Press Win+R and paste this into the search bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%
  • Click \Cosmicshake\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • After clicking on “WindowsNoEditor” click the “GameUserSettings” file and from there you can edit the graphical output for your game.
  • It should look like this for the graphical section:

Change the “sg.ResolutionQuality” to a lower number if you wish to lower the resolution scale and receive a better framerate and the other settings can be lowered as well if you so wish to do so.

(Ex. sg.ViewDistanceQuality=1 where 1 = low and 3 = high)

V-Sync Fix

Is your VSync glitching out?

Going through the same file again, scroll down until you see “FrameRateLimit=00.000000”.

Change the first “0” to a 6 so it reads “60.000000”. This will change the framerate limit to 60 and will give the V-sync an actual number to sync your monitor/game to. If you have a more powerful PC just change the number to a higher one such as “120.000000” or so to match with your monitor (If your monitor can do 120hz, etc.).

After changing what you want in the file, save it and then right click the file and go to “properties”. Click “Read-only” and press “apply”. You should now be able to start the game with the changes in mind.

If you want to change the settings again, unclick the “read-only” box, press “apply” again and then make your changes. Just don’t forget to do the process again once you are done.

Hope this helps!

Written by KingDJMAX

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