Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion – How to Find the Cat Dos Easter Egg

I couldn’t find any detailed guides on how to find the secret specimens in the Cat Dos, so I decided to make my own. I hope its helpful to you or maybe interesting or entertaining somehow.


Warning! This guide contains spoilers!

Hi! In this guide I’ll be briefly explaining how to unlock the secret set of entries in the CAT DOS in Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. I’ll also include a few other easter eggs that I know about.

The CAT DOS is basically a computer that contains information about each Specimen found within the mansion (Except for the Unknown Specimens, which are found only in Endless Mode. Upon opening the CAT DOS, the player will find 2 options: “Access Specimen Database”, or “Modify House Layout”.

Choosing “Access Specimen Database” will bring the player to a menu where all of the Specimens in the mansion are shown (Although some Specimen entries can only be accessed in certain rooms. This will be important later.)

Choosing “Modify House Layout” will only show an error screen, forcing the player to go back to the previous menu. (This will also be important later).

The CAT DOS Secret

A secret set of entries can be found in the CAT DOS! A little side note tho, these entries can ONLY be accessed after room 900. If you try accessing them before that room, nothing will happen.

After you pass room 900, you’ll want to find the CAT DOS, which appears randomly, sometimes even multiple rooms in a row.

The CAT DOS room looks something like this!

Once you’ve found and accessed the CAT DOS, enter the program and click on “Modify House Layout” six times. After that, open the specimen database and access Specimen 9’s entry. (It may take a few tries. Just keep clicking it until it opens!)

Once you’ve done that, you should have access to all of the secret entries: Specimen 9’s boss form, The Mattress Man, The Dolphin, Lines, and Paina. These secret entries, aside from Specimen 9, are references to other games Akuma Kira made.

The secret entries should look like this:

Some Other Random Secrets

Here’s a few other secrets that I know about regarding the game!


This is the code the player gets when they approach the brain in the brain room. It took me awhile to figure this one out, but after a bit of research I discovered what it means. In the arcade room, select the fourth arcade machine and type in the code. Once you do this you will see Spooky’s origin story.


According to Fandom, Howard is a reference to the Silent Hills demo. You encounter him randomly in a room with a locked door, a note on a desk, and hallway. If the player proceeds down the hallway, they will encounter the same room with a locked door and note. By proceeding down the hallway and checking the door 3 consecutive times, the door will unlock and lead the player to the next room (But there’s been instances that I’ve been playing and I’ve just been randomly teleported out of that room and into a new room??? Idek) Anyways, at a random point, if the player has not yet escaped the room, Howard will appear and scream at you. But fear not, he can’t hurt you.


He is a weird creature that appears in room 557. (During Specimen 8’s rooms.) The player has to turn on the record player. After it plays for some time, it will eventually come to an abrupt halt followed by static. Look behind you, and you will see him in your peripheral vision. But don’t look directly at him or he will disappear. W.A.M also cannot hurt you.

See-through walls

Don’t really know if this is a secret or a glitch, but while I was playing, after I stopped being chased by certain Specimens (It was Specimen 7 and 5 to be specific) In the very next room the walls became transparent. I could see where the doors were and the outlines of where the walls should be. It was neat, but again tho, this might be a glitch lol.

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