Stacklands – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Here you can find some useful tips to survive in the Stacklands game.

Tips for New Players

In shorts

  • Choose peaceful mode of game (since version 1.0.7).
  • Get more villagers.
  • Better weapons for villagers (spears, swords). Spearmen have 6 health, swordsmen 7 health.

In details

If you want to better manage enemy invasions without having to manage more villagers, stack your villagers into one stack of cards and wait for the monsters to spread out. Once they do, drop all of your fighters onto one monster and they will kill it quickly with minimal injuries. Repeat this process until the enemies are dead.

Your first portal can be handled well by two villagers. Your second portal will need at least one Militia or Soldier. I’d recommend having a spear or sword laying on the side. Then upgrade the villager when the Portal comes. By your third portal, you should have three or four villagers. Same thing, have weapons on the side and gear them up when the portal comes. Two Soldiers and Villager or One Solider, Two Militia to safely take this one out. After that it’s free ball, RNG will do everything they can to kill you.

  • Easy mode, Animal Pen + Three~Four Chickens and two Stoves.
  • Difficult, make that stew. Four Farms, three dedicated each to onions carrots and ptoatos.
  • Reap and Sew has a good chance of providing the meat or a soldier in the Forest.

You can also delay the fight If your fighters need healing (when they eat) or if you need to wait while you make/equip more fighters. Just keep all your villagers away from the monsters & Bingo! You can delay as long as you wish. Also stacks of cards in their path can slow them significantly.

What could help is increasing the amount of soil/gardens/farms you have (food becomes a struggle later) and building one or two houses while keeping two villagers alive. Make one spear per house in preparation and when you see a portal move your villagers to the houses and play for time while your babies become villagers and then add the spears to them. The enemies all typically target one villager so if you constantly keep them out of reach while keeping food in your farms you’ll be fine and eventually beat them. This is long and complicated but pretty easy to do as a side project if you keep at it. Also, the more sheds you can make the better because they increase your map which puts more space between you and enemies.

Note: this is just my preference but spear dudes take up the same amount of food as villagers so always upgrade them. When you get iron only make a couple of sword dudes because they take up three food instead of two which adds up quickly.

Just rush into swordman early on, after 1 or 2 playthroughs you should have all the idea’s and packs. Making you able to speed to swordman on playthrough 3. Also rush into farms, so your main goal in the beginning is to race for that mine and smelter. Also buy reap and soil packs early on, so you can find lots of soil. Delicious packs for carrots. Once you have your carrot farm going, food is a non issue. Race to at least 5 swordman and you can handle everything the game throws at you from then. Good luck!

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